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The Shondes run successful Kickstarter campaign, raise over $10,000 to replace stolen van

Overcoming year of professional, personal roadblocks, band heads to SXSW, begins demoing third album.


(L-R) Temim Fruchter, Fureigh, Louisa Solomon, Elijah Oberman.  Photo by: Will Haddad.


Check out “Nothing Glows” from My Dear One, the sophomore album by The Shondes.


See The Shondes Live at SXSW 2011

03/15 Austin, TX @ Beauty Bar Fanatic Presents: Art Disaster at SXSW 2011 Showcase, 11PM
03/17 Austin, TX @ Buffalo Billiards SXSW 2011, Billboard Pro Party, 3PM
03/19 Austin, TX @ Smoke and Sand Fest SXSW 2011, 1230PM
03/19 Austin, TX @ Trophy's SXSW 2011, Whoopsy! Magazine Party,


This Isn’t Going To Work Without The Van

Between the release and tour behind its latest album My Dear One, the cancer diagnosis and successful treatment of band member Elijah Oberman (news that was broken to the group’s fans via a detailed Facebook post), the subsequent forced cancellation of the band’s first European tour and most recently, grand theft auto in the form of a stolen touring vehicle, it has been an emotional roller coaster of a year for Brooklyn band, The Shondes.

But, as an outfit known for kicking out the jams and more importantly, kicking adversity in the ass, these setbacks have only fueled the fire. After finding its van stolen from its Brooklyn home and with SXSW dates quickly approaching, The Shondes launched a Kickstarter campaign to replace it.  Most of these campaigns last 30-90 days, but The Shondes had 18 in which to raise the funds, get a new van, and get on the road. Thankfully, the band’s fans pulled through, re-posting the link so much that it made the front page of Twitter, and within a matter of days, The Shondes raised more than $10,000.

“It’s been a really huge boost to band morale in a tough year,” says drummer Temim Fruchter. “We know that there are much more important causes than helping a rock band replace a stolen van, but we are so grateful.” The Shondes guitarist, Fureigh adds, “We’re overcome with gratitude and excitement. The support and kind messages from friends and fans all around the world have been incredible. We can’t wait to play for each and every one of our fans.”

Those fans can start by seeing The Shondes performing several times at this year’s SXSW festival in Austin, Texas.  The band has also been hard at work rehearsing and demoing tracks for its upcoming third album which will begin production in the Spring. Fans of The Shondes can expect a raucous, high-energy rock record. “We’ve had Bruce Springsteen and Pat Benatar in our headphones for months now and are having so much fun writing these songs in the spirit of that kind of roll-down-the-windows sing-along rock,” says Fruchter enthusiastically.

Meanwhile the band will continue to tour behind the My Dear One album and the subsequent “Lines & Hooks + 3” EP, both out now on Fanatic Records.  Additional tour dates will be announced shortly.

Member of The Shondes are available for interviews.  Contact Josh Bloom at Fanatic Promotion for more info.


The Shondes
My Dear One
(Fanatic Records, Out Now)
Request: FULL LP

Track Listing:

01. My Dear One (MP3)
02. Fire Again
03. Lines and Hooks (MP3)
04. Nothing Glows (MP3)
05. Get Out
06. The Coming Night
07. Miami
08. Gather Up Your Prayers
09. You Ought To Be Ashamed
10. All The Good Things
11. Make It Beautiful (MP3)
12. Twilight


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