Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Metal Mother teams with Apollo Sunshine, Beats Antique members on "Bonfire Diaries" out May 17

Tribal drums, futuristic synths, haunting Celtic-inspired vocals rule Kate Bush-influenced “Billy Cruz” track available now.


Tara Tati is Metal Mother.  Photograph by Siouxzen Kang.



“Billy Cruz” is the first single from the upcoming Metal Mother album, Bonfire Diaries


About Metal Mother

Hailing from the edge of familiarity, by way of the dregs of Oakland, California comes Bonfire Diaries, the debut album from Metal Mother, the moniker of the newest musical undertaking of singer-soundmaker, Tara Tati. Bonfire Diaries features nearly a dozen musical madmen, including Tommy Cappell of Beats Antique and Micha Grainger of The Yard Dogs Road Show.  The 11 songs on Bonfire Diaries were mixed by Jeremy Black of Apollo Sunshine.

Originally from the abstract recesses of the Northern Bay area (Sonoma County), Tati has emerged to the light of cultural curation. Her music is a fresh bath of melancholic emotion, bubbled with loud tribal drums, futuristic synth leads, and sweetly haunting Celtic-inspired vocals, unveiling a depth and timelessness to the soothing eruption of sounds.

For the past ten years, Tati has been developing her piano and songwriting skills, and in 2007, in response to a sincere demand by some very close friends, she began performing live and recording in various Bay area studios. Tati attempts to master the fusion of the primal with the futuristic and of the tender with the ecstatic on Bonfire Diaries. She exposes secrets, confessions, and revelations, with a genuine feminine vulnerability. It’s Tati’s hope to dissolve expectations of greatness or failure, so that she, and everyone else who cares to, can feel free to do whatever they truly want to, respectably.

Inspired by the color black, by prisms and parties, by the meeting of the “ancient” and a sci-fi present, by all things extraterrestrial, by human love and lunacy, by plants, birds and monsters, and the chain that links it all, Tati brings Metal Mother.  Be ready, behold, a raw offering of maternaline metallescence, to seduce the wicked out of the garden. Bonfire Diaries will be released on the artist’s own label Post Primal on May 17th, 2011 and is preceded by the single, “Billy Cruz” (MP3).

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Metal Mother
Bonfire Diaries
(Post Primal – 5/17/2011)

Track Listing:

01. Shake
02. Ashes
03. In The Bones
04. Post Weekend
05. Vices
06. ‘W’
07. Lost Story
08. Gold Lasso
09. Gold Lasso, Unfolded
10. Willow
11. Billy Cruz (MP3)


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