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False Positive manages mayoral campaign; Releases stark debut about religion and war.

“I realize there are going to be people who disagree with this record.” - Justin Mikulka, False Positive




“Strike Up The Band” is the first single from the self-titled debut by False Positive


About False Positive

“Amazing work that’s cruising well ahead of the curve.” – Songwriter’s Monthly

“...incredibly ingenious… truly a visionary experience.” – Independent Songwriter

AlbanyNew York’s state capital – is known to some as an ugly machine town.  Last year, False Positive’s Justin Mikulka took that history on and ran the mayoral campaign of Corey EllisEllis is a young black man who grew up in the ghetto and made it out.  The Mikulka-led campaign challenged a four term incumbent and ended up getting 44% of the vote. Impressive, since the Ellis campaign was outspent 5-1 and Ellis is black and 75% of Albany is white.  An extensive story on the campaign ran in Albany’s Metroland newspaper by Chet Hardin HERE.

Justin Mikulka doesn’t want to be known as a political activist, but his experiences expertly inform his self-titled debut record under the name False Positive.  The album, released on Mikulka’s One Mad Son label, is a meditation on the longtime affair of war and religion.  Mikulka’s previous releases (three solo and three with the band, Cathode Bob) only hinted at the ideas that have come to fruition with his False Positive project.

Despite Mikulka’s insistence that the album is not a protest record, it is clear that the content levies a direct criticism of the current wars being fought and the religious rhetoric used to justify them. “If you played most of those songs individually for people they would never call them protest songs,” Mikulka claims.  Perhaps, but maybe for the common good, they should.

Justin Mikulka is available for interviews.  Contact Josh Bloom at Fanatic for more information.


False Positive
False Positive
(One Mad Son, Out Now)

Track Listing:

01. Hasty Martyrs Sing Fantastic
02. Teaching Sorrows
03. Strike Up The Band (MP3)
04. Please Don’t Shoot
05. Small Part of Something Big
06. Lament of the Theological Janitors
07. Prayers (Ain’t Coming Back)
08. Ambulance
09. Wishing for Reason
10. Stay Where You Are
11. The Old Materials
12. Last One Out


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