Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Minneapolis’ Dearling Physique releases first single from “Deadeye Dealer” album today.

“…sometimes sounding like a Dixieland Jazz record slowed way down by hand.” – Impose


Photo Credit: Shuttertrip. L-R Matt Vannelli, Dave Sellner, Domino Davis, Sean O’Hea



“Discipline Your Hands” is the first single from the Deadeye Dealer album by Dearling Physique

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“It’s a romping mess of rhythm, foreboding vocals, grating electro blips, eye of newt and euro trash. This is my kind of music.” - Perfect Porridge

A hybrid of mysterious, sensual rhythms; a soundtrack for the dark untraveled corners hidden beneath the gentle reflections of a pulsating metropolis... such is the musical landscape of Minneapolis band, Dearling Physique. Avant-garde but accessible, dark yet uplifting, Dearling Physique is a band that manipulates genres, effortlessly gliding between ambient sounds and electronica, from alternative pop to soul, while defying preconceived notions of conventional music.

Led by enigmatic frontman, Domino Davis, the band has built an alluring reputation for captivating and challenging audiences. It’s this flair for visual and musical complexities that has fueled Dearling Physique’s local success, prompting the Minneapolis City Pages to proclaim Davis “...a forward-thinking artist capable of merging unlikely genres and audiences to great effect.”

These musical complexities can be found all over “Discipline Your Hands,” (MP3) the first single from Dearling Physique’s upcoming full-length debut album, Deadeye Dealer. The single hits online retailers today with the album to follow on January 11th, 2011. The band’s visual complexities haven’t gone unnoticed either – Hugo Boss recently selected a Dearling Physique song to appear on the company’s website and custom giveaway Hugo Boss iPods handed out in Berlin.

As Dearling Physique has done previously, the band plans a rigorous performance schedule surrounding the release of Deadeye Dealer. Dearling Physique has performed in the past with notable artists such as The Noisettes, Bat For Lashes and Saul Williams and will capture and envelop audiences with their elegant, unconventional form of musical synesthesia once again in the new year.

Domino Davis is available for interviews. Contact Josh Bloom at Fanatic for more information.


Dearling Physique
Deadeye Dealer


Track Listing:

01. Can’t Say No
02. Obsession Kills
03. Monster
04. Waste
05. Your Condition
06. Oh This Currency
07. Sleep and The Hearts
08. Hooks For Safety
09. Teenage Romance
10. Discipline Your Hands (MP3)


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