Thursday, September 23, 2010

Hilarious “Fruitcake” video by The Superions debuts exclusively on My Old Kentucky Blog.

Love story of two desserts directed by Fred Schneider. Single out now; album hits stores October 25th.


The Superions (L-R Noah Brodie, Fred Schneider, Dan Marshall)


“Fruitcake” is the first single from The Superions album Destination… Christmas!

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What is soon to be a perennial fave like its scrumptious namesake? Well, it’s “Fruitcake”, the first single from The Superions’ new Christmas album, Destination... Christmas! The single has been released on all of your favorite digital retailers and now the video for the track has been premiered by one of our favorite sites, My Old Kentucky Blog. See MOKB’s coverage of the “Fruitcake” video HERE.

The “Fruitcake” video details the touching story of a fruitcake on the make. Out around the town looking for love, getting a makeover, cruising the cake case at the local supermarket and finally having that chance encounter with a fruitcake soul mate. The video was directed by B-52s front man Fred Schneider himself and is just the first of many videos to come from the Destination… Christmas! album.

Destination… Christmas! is The Superions’ upcoming holiday album to be released October 25th on Fanatic Records. With lyrics and vocals by Schneider and joined by Noah Brodie (keyboards and electronic drums) and Dan Marshall (programming), the record is destined to become a holiday classic for tuneful toddlers, snarky teens, and cool Moms and Dads everywhere.

Fred Schneider, Noah Brodie and Dan Marshall are available for interviews. Contact Josh Bloom at Fanatic for more information.


The Superions
Destination… Christmas!

(Fanatic Records,

Track Listing:

01. Santa’s Disco
02. Fruitcake (STREAM | VIDEO)
03. Chillin’ at Christmas
04. Teddy and Betty Yeti
05. Christmas Conga (Jungle Bells)
06. Jingle Those Bells
07. Under The Tree
08. Crummy Christmas Tree
09. Laughter At Christmas
10. Christmas Tears
11. Santa Je t’aime


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Contact Josh Bloom at Fanatic Promotion, Inc.



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