Thursday, October 14, 2010

Albany’s Justin Mikulka to release anti-war concept album under the name False Positive.

“Pretty pop songs twisted into some eerie, cynical blues. ...the results are amazing.” – Ink 19




“Strike Up The Band” is the first single from the self-titled debut by False Positive




Justin Mikulka/False Positive In The Press

“...more talented than the competition. ...has the goods to become an amazing songwriter.” – The Big Takeover

“Amazing work that’s cruising well ahead of the curve.” – Songwriter’s Monthly

“Can a record leave a listener enthralled, inspired and slightly uneasy at the same time… wonderful.” – The Aquarian Weekly

“...incredibly ingenious… truly a visionary experience.” – Independent Songwriter

“…a rich, dense, deliciously complex and velvet smooth aural blanket which flows and billows with beauteously consummate melodicism.” – Jersey Beat


About False Positive

Justin Mikulka has been something of a musical activist in the Albany, New York music community for many years, but it is his first project under the name False Positive that truly makes his intentions clear.

The self-titled album being released on Mikulka’s One Mad Son label (a perfect name for an imprint so whole heartedly stamped with one man’s efforts) is a meditation on the longtime affair of war and religion. Mikulka’s previous releases (three solo and three with the band, Cathode Bob) hinted at the ideas that have come to fruition with his False Positive project. It was his 1999 release Sequels and Opposites which included the prophetic line “there ain’t no need for protests songs, because nothing’s going wrong”.

In spite of this assessment of the times and how musicians and artists were ignoring the issues of the day, Mikulka realized that a decade on, the lyric actually illustrated a naive notion that he has now responded to with False Positive. The new record is indeed a direct criticism of the current wars being fought and the religious rhetoric used to justify them. This is evident in songs with titles such as: “Hasty Martyrs Sing Fantastic,” “Lament of the Theological Janitors,” “Please Don’t Shoot” and the album’s first single, “Strike Up The Band” (MP3).

False Positive’s current lineup includes Mike Hotter on guitar and vocals, Nick Matulis on bass, keyboards and vocals, Jesse Matulis on drums and Justin Mikulka on guitar and vocals. Live performances include additional horns, strings and vocalists. The band is currently working on new material for the follow up to this debut.

Justin Mikulka is available for interviews. Contact Josh Bloom at Fanatic for more information.


False Positive
False Positive

(One Mad Son,

Track Listing:

01. Hasty Martyrs Sing Fantastic
02. Teaching Sorrows
03. Strike Up The Band (MP3)
04. Please Don’t Shoot
05. Small Part of Something Big
06. Lament of the Theological Janitors
07. Prayers (Ain’t Coming Back)
08. Ambulance
09. Wishing for Reason
10. Stay Where You Are
11. The Old Materials
12. Last One Out


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