Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Chicago’s CAW! CAW! releases its “Bummer Palace” debut; Tours to the West coast.

“Sons of Sons of Saviors” (“…pure sonic sunshine.” – Consequence of Sound) MP3 available now.


CAW! CAW! clockwise from top left:

Steve Kozak, Tim Tsurutani, Evan Burrows, Dan Rico


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CAW! CAW! Sons of Sons of Saviors from Bummer Palace

“More than just an indie-pop band, the song [“Sons of Sons of Saviors”] is a perfect example of their unapologetic influences and devotion to pure sonic sunshine.” – Consequence of Sound




Bummer Palace
(Trust Tapes)

May 25th, 2010


CAW! CAW! Press

“...a band of surpassing intensity.” - Andy Downing, Chicago Tribune

“A gleefully tuneful, ceaselessly energetic and at times willfully naïve indie-pop outfit.” - Jim DeRogatis, Chicago Sun-Times

“A knack for snappy indie-pop but a penchant for spacier art-rock along the lines of Kid A… the balancing act they play between the two is pretty stellar” -


About CAW! CAW!

CAW! CAW! are four friends from a nerdy high school on the north side of Chicago, and nearly a decade of playing together in attics, basements and weird spots all over the country has honed their sound like water over rock.

Booking their own way through months of touring since the release of 2008’s Wait Outside EP, the boys have had ample time to hammer out their musical differences and have finally found a sweet and uncommon sense of unity, striking a delicate balance between saccharine harmonies and lacerating screams, tangles of crusty noise and sun-soaked melodies.

Their debut LP, Bummer Palace, was recorded in the heart of June in Los Angeles
and mixed seven months later in the depths of a Chicago winter. It’s a shimmering and sweaty record that tosses and turns between propulsive, shivering grooves, hailstorms of impudent guitar orchestration and viscous, cinematic dream sequences; all guided by the crystalline voice of a frightened boy, shouting his hopeless tale of disillusionment and despair at a world of cold shoulders.


CAW! CAW! On Tour

05/28 Albuquerque, NM @ The Tree House
05/30 El Sereno, CA
@ The Eastside Cafe
05/31 Echo Park, CA
@ Tribal Cafe
06/02 Los Angeles, CA
@ McWorld
06/05 Eugene, OR
@ The Lazarus Pit
06/07 Seattle, WA
@ New Crompton
06/08 Missoula, MT
@ The Lab
06/10 Omaha, NE
@ The Hole


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