Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The New Loud is “Too Loud!” Band travels from Milwaukee to NYC to get shut down by cops during CMJ.

Undeterred, group issues "Don't Dance" single from forthcoming Can't Stop Not Knowing EP. Listen & Post

"Don't Dance" is the lead single from Can't Stop Not Knowing by The New Loud out FEBRUARY 23rd, 2010.

[MP3]: http://www.fanaticpromotion.com/projects/thenewloud/mp3/thenewloud-dontdance.mp3

“Part weirdness of Sparks, part killer dance of The Bravery and part insistent hook craftsmanship of XTC.” – Amplifier

The New Loud is apparently too loud for NYC. The band was cut short only four songs into their set at CMJ 2009 when New York’s finest showed up in response to a noise complaint during the band’s second song. The New Loud, bypassing the club’s PA, pressed on at full volume for two more songs before the club pulled the plug. All in a day’s work for a band simply living up to its name!

The New Loud is a three-piece electro/punk/new wave band from the blue collar city of Milwaukee, WI. Its debut EP, Can’t Stop Not Knowing consists of six tracks including an intense, frenetic cover of Radiohead’s “2 + 2 = 5.” The EP was produced by band member Shane Olivo and displays a tight mixture of electronic elements and natural sounds, layered obsessively with some songs using up to 80 tracks in the mix.

Five of Can’t Stop Not Knowing’s tracks were mixed by Mark Trombino. “Mark Trombino was the band’s first choice, as all of us greatly admire him from his earlier work with Drive Like Jehu and Rocket From The Crypt, all the way up to his more modern productions such as Jimmy Eat World and Finch,” says The New Loud’s Olivo.

The New Loud will continue its collaboration with Trombino as they begin to record a debut full-length for release during the first half of 2010. For now, check out The New Loud’s single “Don’t Dance” [MP3]. And please, try to keep the noise down. Just try.

The New Loud
Can't Stop Not Knowing

Release Date : February 23, 2010


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