Thursday, November 5, 2009

David Williams, “...the only person who could credibly write tracks for Terry Riley and Teddy Riley” introduces his Beautifiul Supermachines.

MP3s from Shut Up by Beautiful Supermachines out November 24th on Chicken Ranch Records.
“Oakland 2008”:

From The Onion's interview with David Williams of Beautiful Supermachines:

David Williams has had a Zelig-like presence in music, turning up in the background of some of its most epochal movements—and often just before its time.

Over a career that spans more than three decades, he’s been at the leading edge of various watershed moments of punk, post-punk, noise-rock, and hip-hop, rubbed elbows with Ice-T and Dr. Dre, played “the secret white dude” behind the scenes of The Jungle Brothers’ seminal J. Beez Wit The Remedy, and more recently settled into an in-demand role as a local producer.

“I just like hooks,” Williams says of his Jackson Pollock-like palette. “A hook to me can be in a fucking [Karlheinz] Stockhausen piece.” While Williams’ blend of the avant-garde and bubblegum often makes for a good sound bite (Jeff Salamon at the Austin American-Statesman once noted that he was the only person who could “credibly write tracks for Terry Riley and Teddy Riley”), it makes it awfully difficult—and pointless—to delineate the myriad musical influences comprising Shut Up, the debut release from Williams’ new project, Beautiful Supermachines.

The Onion asked Williams—a voracious reader, avid gearhead, and deep thinker—to trace all the various technological, literary, and philosophical strands running through his career. Read the full article HERE.

Beautiful Supermachines
Shut Up
Chicken Ranch Records
Release Date: November 23, 2009

MP3: “OAKLAND 2008

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