Sunday, June 21, 2009

Stay “Cool” this summer with San Francisco shakers, My First Earthquake.

Listen over and over to the irresistible single “Cool In The Cool Way” (MP3). RIYL: Blondie, Prince, Fiona Apple, ABBA, New Order, The Cure, ELO, T-Rex, Chicks on Speed, Luscious Jackson, David Bowie.

Some quick facts about San Francisco’s My First Earthquake:

The band wrote, recorded and shot a video for a holiday Hanukkah song that has now racked up an “indie-famous” quarter-million plays on YouTube (VIDEO).

Singer/Lyricist Rebecca Bortman used to be in a “could-have-been-famous” psych-metal band called Ice Queen.

Bassist Chad Thornton chose to stay behind when the band he was in with Keith Murray of We Are Scientists moved to NYC and became “hipster-famous.”

Guitarist Dave Lean helped develop essential components of the iPod and is also an “internet-famous” music blogger (but enough about that.)

Drummer Andre Salcido played in a “trucker punk” band who once shared a stage with “metal-famous” band GWAR. Whoa.

And what is it that will make My First Earthquakeactually-famous”? The tight, punchy synths, Cure-ish keys, P-bass, dance rock grooves, handclaps, gang vocals, cowbells, tambourines, hip-hop beats and lyrics that reference mermaids in love with humans, crossword puzzles, and getting kicked outta the band.

My First Earthquake’s debut album Downstairs will be released June 20th, 2009. And that’s the facts.

Artist: My First Earthquake
Title: Downstairs
Label: Self-Released
Release Date: June 20th, 2009

01. Cool In The Cool Way (MP3)
02. Vow To Vowels
03. Clean Clean
04. In The Forest With Frenemies
05. Mad Tight
06. Radio
07. Outta The Band
08. Meat Pies
09. Sweet Frown
10. Sleep In The Sea

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