Monday, March 9, 2009

What is the Killola cult? L.A. underground buzzsaw band’s rabid fans, free album, extensive touring and SXSW show with the New York Dolls explained.

Group kicks off “Hell On Heels” tour today with Semi-Precious Weapons and Von Iva.

“Teaching quirky ‘80s new wave pop hooks how to stomp glitter-rock-style, I Am The Messer just might pack as many eccentric but indelible melodic and rhythmic twists into its 10 songs as any rock record this year” – Chuck Eddy (Village Voice, Billboard Magazine)

“You’ll need to brace yourself for the drool-able Lisa Rieffel, who blazes over Sparks-like tracks like she just gave Gwen Stefani a bloody nose.” – L.A. Weekly

Cults of all kinds seem to spring up in Los Angeles. It is a city well known for its history of obsessive sects, but few L.A. rock bands have ever enjoyed the kind of rabid fervor of its fans nationwide as Killola. The underground buzzsaw pop band’s loyal followers are often known to get tattoos of the band’s logo (see HERE) and/or add the group’s familiar "K))" symbol to their online screen names. Killola’s latest album I Am The Messer has been downloaded over 40,000 times and lauded as “Blondie for the 21st Century.” Grab your free copy of I Am The Messer HERE. Now, the garage pop quartet has been tapped to support the New York Dolls this month at the South By Southwest music festival in Austin, TX, and synth-pop heroes Berlin later at the House of Blues in Los Angeles.

How did this young underground band become so popular? Its infectious tunes and lovely front woman Lisa Rieffel notwithstanding, the simple answer is: touring. Killola tours relentlessly, winning over obsessively dedicated new fans with every stop. That endless evangelism continues this week as the “Hell On Heels” west coast tour (with Semi Precious Weapons and Von Iva) kicks off. Immediately following that jaunt, Killola has the honor of playing with the legendary New York Dolls at 504 Trinity Street during SXSW. Dates follow in April with Berlin, then yet another tour in May (please see complete dates below.)

Killola lead singer Lisa Rieffel recently played the role of Daisy Robson in the Girltrash! web-series created by Angela Robinson (creator of Showtime’s The L Word). Robinson asked the singer to act on the show after having seen a Killola performance in Los Angeles.

Since signing a deal with True Anthem, a new digital distribution company specializing in free downloadable albums through strategic brand sponsorships, Killola’s latest album I Am The Messer has notched over 40,000 downloads in its first months of distribution. Following the band’s string of successfully self-booked U.S. and UK tours, the M.O.B. Agency -- the elite outfit responsible for booking No Doubt and Gwen Stefani, Fountains of Wayne, Joan Jett, Girl In A Coma and others -- recently signed Killola to their tight roster of touring bands.

And the press already loves Killola. See below for some quotes from the media, find out for yourself by downloading your FREE copy of I Am The Messer, get yourself to a Killola show in your town, and drink, drink, drink the Killola-Aid.

Artist: Killola
Title: I Am The Messer
Label: Self-Released
Full Album Download: HERE

01. This Is How The World Ends (MP3)
02. All of My Idols Are Dead (MP3)
03. Strung Out On Sunshine
04. Is This A Love Song?
05. The Man From Kilimanjaro (Interlude)
06. Personal Graveyard
07. Heartrate 160
08. Wa Da We Da
09. You Can’t See Me Because I’m A Stalker
10. 10,000 Pound Ego
11. Who We Think We Are (Bonus Track)
12. Cracks In The Armor (Bonus Track) (MP3)

Killola Live:
* w/ Kristeen Young
03/09 Las Vegas, NV @ Beauty Bar w/ Semi-Precious Weapons, Von Iva
03/10 San Diego, CA @ Bar Pink w/ Semi-Precious Weapons, Von Iva
03/11 Hollywood, CA @ Knitting Factory w/ Semi-Precious Weapons, Von Iva
03/12 San Francisco, CA @ Red Devil Lounge w/ Semi-Precious Weapons, Von Iva
03/13 San Jose, CA @ Voodoo Lounge w/ Semi-Precious Weapons, Von Iva
03/14 Citrus Heights, CA @ Fire Escape Bar w/ Semi-Precious Weapons, Von Iva
03/17 Houston, TX @ TBA
03/20 Austin, TX @ 504 Trinity St. SXSW w/ New York Dolls
04/04 Hollywood, CA @ House of Blues w/ Berlin
04/17 Anaheim, CA @ House of Blues w/ Berlin
05/15 Seattle, WA @ Studio Seven *
05/17 Portland, OR @ Dante’s *
05/18 Sacramento, CA @ Fire Escape *
05/19 San Jose, CA @ The Blank Club *
05/20 Oakland, CA @ The Uptown *
05/21 Santa Barbara, CA @ Muddy Waters *
05/23 Las Vegas, NV @ The Beauty Bar *
05/24 San Diego, CA @ Bar Pink *

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Killola Lead Singer Lisa Rieffel in “Girltrash!”:
After attending a Killola show in downtown Los Angeles, Killola lead singer Lisa Rieffel was approached by Angela Robinson (executive producer of The L Word) and offered the role of “Daisy”, the lead character in the cult-adored web-series “Girltrash!,” a pulpy lesbian crime web-series, set in Los Angeles. See a compendium of all 10 episodes HERE.

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Killola In The Press:
“For a band who operate out of their garage in Los Angeles, Killola have accomplished more than entire ZIP code’s worth of garage bands...” – Alternative Press

Killola play fast and furious and leave you grinning, sweating and enthralled in equal measure.” – ArtRocker Magazine, UK

“8.5!... Defending the good rep of ‘70s lippy girl new wave...” – Paper Thin Walls

Lisa totally sings rock like a pop idol (as opposed to Avril who sings pop like a rock idol). Why can’t these guys be more famous instead?” – CMJ New Music Monthly

“On the surface, as warm and cuddly as a bra full of puppies... Dig a little deeper, though, and it soon becomes apparent that each bite of the candyfloss is laced with razor wire.” – Classic Rock Magazine

“Having as much 80’s Cali new wave powerquirk pop (not to mention Blondie...) in its genes as tough-chick, post-glam, herky-stomp reminiscent of the great lost French fox-metal band Shakin’ Street.” – Chuck Eddy, MTV URGE

“It has all the right synth flourishes, a new wave stomp, and hooks the size of Jaws - if you can get over the sugar-sweet-pop centre, Then be prepared for the best femme-fronted pop-rock since No Doubt ruled this earth...” – Subba-Cultcha (UK)


Anonymous said...

this band seriously sucks. They used to be kind of decent and now they let it get to their heads and it's all gone to hell. Lisa is a psychopath who is digging her own grave. There are other bands trying to do what they are doing, only they are doing it bigger and better. They'll fizzle out into the LA sewers soon enough.

Fanatic Promotion, Inc. said...

At least have the balls to not post anonymously!