Monday, March 23, 2009

Nite Club’s Richard Spitzer brings an education in prog rock, punk, live drum n’ bass and classical composition to My Tronic.

Check the single and video for “No Matter Which Way” (MP3 VIDEO) as well as Nite Club’s reinterpretation of Kanye’s “Good Life” (MP3).

Nite Club is the project of multi instrumentalist Richard Spitzer. Born into a Orthodox Jewish / Cuban family, music was a natural part of daily life. Either the salsa and mambo infused family parties or the introspective soulful prayer at the ultra Orthodox Hebrew Temple. Diversity in music was Spitzer’s calling since he was little.

Spitzer started performing at rave events at 16-years-old. He blossomed as a player with prog rock, punk and live drum n’ bass groups using modern classical composition as his backdrop. Spitzer then pursued a music education in college where he was composition classmates with electronic artist Dan Deacon.

Spitzer has performed across the US, Europe and Japan opening for The Rapture, The Roots, Jamie Lidell, Lightning Bolt, DJ Oscar G, DJ DB, Kool Keith, and The Locust. Spitzer has also performed at major international superclubs such as Crobar, Avalon, and Spirit.

Currently, Spitzer enjoys collaborations and remix projects with his Japanese extend musical family including of members of j-hip-hop group SBK and the first nu rave / minimal techno band from Japan, The Samos.

Showcased in the live setting Nite Club becomes a collaboration with Osbourne (Ghostly International) drummer Steve Bryant. Their combined background of live jungle, indie rock and hip hop makes for a upbeat and dreamy atmosphere reminiscent of early 90’s UK rave scene.

Manipulating all kinds of instruments Spitzer’s experiences come together with Nite Club. While having the New York night life as his backdrop he creates a beautiful project that shines in the night sky.

Artist: Nite Club
Title: My Tronic
Label: Tape Theory
Release Date: April 6th, 2009

01. Compose
02. Left Right
03. National
04. Good Life (Kanye West cover) (MP3)
05. Time Fighter
06. No Matter Which Way (MP3 VIDEO)
07. Collection Agency – Reebok Pump Mix
08. License Control
09. BK Nights
10. Electric Cycle
11. Cape Navril – Frost Mix
12. Change Your Love
13. Down Days
14. Aquarell
15. Eff$
16. Burma

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