Monday, March 2, 2009

Jeniferever busts out of Sweden with its glacial and electrifying sounds of nostalgia, loss and longing.

UK label Monotreme (65daysofstatic, Reigns, Barzin) set to release Spring Tides in April. Get your copy of the lead track “Green Meadow Island” HERE.

Monotreme Records is extremely proud to be releasing Spring Tides, the second full-length album by Jeniferever.

Jeniferever is a four-piece band from Uppsala, Sweden. They have previously released four EPs and one album since 2002, and have played over 250 live shows across Europe. Over the years, they have gained an ever-growing band of admirers, who have bestowed descriptions such as ‘lush’, ‘melodic’, ‘swooping’, ‘glacial’, ‘beautiful’, ‘shimmering’, ‘sublime’, ‘electrifying’ and ‘atmospheric’ on their music.

Some have compared their sound to the physical beauty of their native country, with its aural landscapes of slow-paced melodies which build to orchestral-like climaxes. Stylistically, the music can fit into a number of different genres, with its elements of ambient indie rock, post-rock, shoegaze and dream pop.

Each song is perfectly crafted in a way that lends equal importance to all instruments, with intricate interplay between Martin Sandström’s, Kristofer Jönson’s and Olle Bilius’ guitars, the melodic intertwining of keyboards and Kristofer Jönson’s softly dolorous vocals and the warm heartbeat of Fredrik Aspelin’s drumming.

Lyrically compelling and poetic, the songs deal with themes of nostalgia, loss and longing, yet also manage to convey an uplifting feeling of hope. One can’t help but be moved by the soul that pours forth from these songs - from the sincerity of the vocals to the passionate instrumentation. It is as heartfelt and beautiful an album as you are likely to hear all year.

Jeniferever’s debut album, Choose A Bright Morning, was released in 2006 by Drowned In Sound Recordings in the UK and in Italy by Midfinger Records. The album has now been licensed exclusively to Monotreme Records worldwide apart from Italy, and will be re-issued this spring.

Spring Tides will be released in the Far East on Thomason Sound Records and the vinyl album will be released on the German label Denovali. The band will tour Europe in April and May. Jeniferever is Fredrik Aspelin, Olle Bilius, Martin Sandström, Kristofer Jönson with Joel Borg, Karl-Henrik Mattsson, Åsa Magnusson, David Wärmegård, Anna Tomlin, and Emelie Molin.

Artist: Jeniferever
Title: Spring Tides
Label: Monotreme Records
Release Date: April 14th , 2009

01. Green Meadow Island (MP3)
02. Concrete and Glass (LIVE VIDEO)
03. Ox-Eye
04. St. Gallen
05. Nangijala
06. Sparrow Hills
07. Lives Apart
08. The Hourglass
09. Ring Out The Grief
10. Spring Tides

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