Monday, March 30, 2009

Garden Gate Records (Apples In Stereo) set to release latest album of danceable hits, and electric light harmonies by Lexington, Kentucky's Big Fresh.

Grab the bouncy first single “W.L.U.V” right now, right HERE.

The glow on the horizon grows brighter until... the UFO is outside your window. Bending circuits, plastic travelers wave from within. If they are singing, invite them into your room. Big Fresh comes from beyond, bearing bright gifts on Garden Gate Records, the newly launched label by Robert Schneider of The Apples in Stereo.

Lexington, Kentucky's beloved pop superheroes have been hard at work in the laboratory since Yes, Nice, Please, Thanks (2001, Aquapop Records) electrified the regional college radio airwaves. Their U.S. tour last year opening for The Apples in Stereo broadcast their pop manifesto to head-bopping masses, disseminating a 150-copy limited pressing of their newly completed album.

Who are they? Artists, filmmakers, electronic experimentalists. Two compose screenplays. One composes songs that sound like science fiction. One grew up steeped in psychedelia, his father and home-recording legend R. Stevie Moore creating magic in their band Goods and other groups. But that is water. What is ice is that they have produced a very cool record, B.F.F.(Big Fresh Forever): crystalline pop rainbows beamed through a prism.

B.F.F.(Big Fresh Forever) is an ambitious tapestry of danceable hits, bubbling soundscapes, electric light harmonies and synthetic orchestrations: alternately gorgeous and playful. Produced by Big Fresh in their home environment and mastered by Robert Schneider (The Apples in Stereo, Elephant 6), this shining album will transport you to another world.

For the purpose of concluding our propaganda with informative content, we interviewed the group in a controlled environment, and transcribed their terse responses below:

New Album: “We've been working on it for the past seven years. We have lots of recordings that didn't make the cut. We felt it was important to release something short and tight.”

History: “We've been a band for 10 years. Our first band name was Meat Tape.”

Other Projects: “John plays in The Apples in stereo. Ben and John both play in Ulysses with Robert Schneider. Danny and John play in Deek Hoi. Jeremy plays in Joybombs. Dave is in Club Dub.”

Artist: Big Fresh
Title: B.F.F. (Big Fresh Forever)
Label: Garden Gate Records
Release Date: April 21st, 2009

01. Secret Public
02. W.L.U.V. (MP3)
03. Janius
04. W.T.O.
05. Joy Bomb #1
06. Large Crowds
07. Losing Friends to War
08. Entertainment
09. International Date Line
10. Joy Bomb #2
11. Satan, No
12. Jean Jammin’
13. Heat Death of the Universe

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Quotes about Big Fresh:
“Plays like a great lost prog-rock album, as though Brian Wilson had tried to revisit Smile in the 70's with help from ELO.” – Optical Atlas

“Slip on any sound from B.F.F. and you can sense the spring thaw is at hand.” – The Musical Box

“For more than a decade, the band has mixed summery soul, pop, dance grooves, and more into a bright sound all its own.” – Lexington Herald Leader

“Blows my bubblegum mind shaft.” – R. Stevie Moore

“An ambitious tapestry of danceable hits and bubbling soundscapes… crystalline pop rainbows beamed through a prism.” - Robert Schneider (The Apples in stereo)

“Proud purveyors of exotically down-home art pop. A band more interested in textures than traditional settings, they perform crisp, cerebral pop that explodes with energy and ideas.” – Ace Magazine

“Could have been formulated in the twisted mind of Joe Meek… Just sit back and float away, you may never want to return.” - Bucketfull of Brains

“My soul doctor gave me a prescription for a new pop ointment… It was the latest Big Fresh record… a panoramic view of the sunniest of days.” – Gimme The Rock!

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