Thursday, February 26, 2009

Yo! Majesty leader Shunda K collaborates with Peaches, drops Le Passion, Yo! EP with Brooklyn producer Kotchy, announces SXSW appearances.

Collabos with Caspa Codina, Tha Pumpsta and DJ Flore to burn yo clicking finger. Grab the EP HERE and please repost!

Tha Best Eva Written...Outkased mixtape featuring Shunda K and rapper Jerzy backed by Outkast instrumentals to surface in April.

“I’m sitting here having a heart to heart wit my mom and we’re talking bout where I come from...”

Shunda K of Domino Records artists Yo! Majesty has just returned from 30-plus days and 40-plus shows criss-crossing the US. Now, instead of heading to the UK for the extensive Yo! Majesty tour there (“I have decided dat I will not be performing wit [band mate] Jwl B as Yo! Majesty on dis upcoming tour”), Shunda K is at home in Itty Bitty Plant City, Florida, hanging with mom and plotting her next move.

Shunda doesn’t elaborate about sitting out the UK Yo! Majesty tour other than to refer to The Boston Herald article entitled “With partner in jail, Yo! Majesty’s special K goes solitary route” (LINK) where Shunda says of Jwl B, “...she’s heading down a road where she’s going to end up in jail, where she is, or dead. I just can’t be a part of it.”

And she’s not… the UK Yo! Majesty tour will feature Jwl B (who is now out of prison on bond) and former Yo! Majesty band member Shon B who quit the group shortly after it was signed. Pitchfork also recently reported on the story HERE.

“...y’all will have to stay tuned to da book for all da intimate details. In da meantime, I still got a lot of things to do here,” Shunda says.

Some of what she is doing includes appearing on lots of new tracks for the people including “Buck You Like A Billionaire” -- the new Peaches track featuring Shunda K. The cut is available now via Peaches' label XL/Beggar’s Banquet as part of the newly released Drums of Death - The Peaches Mixtape. Grab the mixtape HERE and stream “Buck You Like A Billionaire” over at

Also available is Shunda K’s collaboration with hot Brooklyn-based producer Kotchy called Le Passion, Yo! -- a four-song, FREE, digital-only EP that recently came in as the #3 most added hip-hop record at CMJ college radio and is being blogged about all over the interwebs. Shunda says lead track “First Encounter” (MP3) “describes my confidence and knowledge on who I am and what I expect from my lady, believing she is my heaven on earth!!!” Continued below…

Artist: Shunda K & Kotchy
Title: Le Passion, Yo!
Grab The EP: HERE

01. First Encounter (MP3)
02. You Are
03. We Feelin’ Each Other
04. Holla

Shunda K Live at South By Southwest, 2009
03/14 Houston, TX @ Boondocks
03/15 Austin, TX @ Scoot Inn
03/16 Austin, TX @ Red 7
03/17 Austin, TX @ Beauty Bar (Fanatic SXSW Party)
03/18 Austin, TX @ Music Gym
03/18 Austin, TX @ Buffalo Exchange
03/19 Corpus Christi, TX @ Revolution
03/20 Austin, TX @ Creekside
03/21 Austin, TX @ DJ Orion House Party

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And even tho Shunda isn’t in Europe, her voice is. In addition to the Yo! Majesty track “Don’t Let Go” all over UK radio, Shunda K’s collaboration with Caspa Codina, leader of hot n’ heavy disco punk band Spectrum is breaking through. The pair’s track “Used To Go Dancing” (streaming at has been described by The Guardian (UK) in its “Single of The Week” column as “...what “Prince’s Sign O’ The Times would have sounded like had it been written in London in 2008.”

And what else from an MC that works 25-hours-a-day??? Grab an MP3 of the Black Cracker remix of Tha Pumpsta’s R&B jam “L-O-V-E (No Crying At The Disco)” featuring Shunda K and check out the slammin’ stream at of “The Test,” Shunda K’s collab with DJ Flore, one of the major breaks DJ’s in France, in which Shunda K name drops both Michael Moore and Chuck D.

Next up, Shunda K’s “collaboration” with Outkast. The Best Eva Written...Outkased features Shunda K and rapper Jerzy elevating 20 Outkast instrumentals to new heights by spitting their own life lessons over these familiar, existing tracks. Shunda K says of “Fresh Air,” one the album’s featured tracks, “Dis song reflects where my head at now, it’s ‘bout what I think, fuck dat shit!!! Everybody deserves to be happy, no matter what…” Stream “Fresh Air” now at

Since Europe isn’t in the cards for Shunda in March, she will instead head to Austin, Texas, the city that’s held Yo! Majesty down since they were discovered there in 2007. See below for Shunda’s South By Southwest schedule where she will be performing with her loyal Austin-based DJ Orion. “O” as he’s known to his friends, recently won the Austin Chronicle’s “Best Local DJ” honors. Learn more about DJ Orion via THIS video bio.

No matter who she is collaborating with Shunda K is always keeping it moving -- ya know her mom wouldn’t have it any other way.

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