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Mark Mallman gives away “greatest hits” compilation, re-records upcoming album for Badman Recordings, writes soundtrack for Living Arrangements.

“Tin Pan Alley-meets-Madison Square Garden. It’s Mallman’s unapologetic commitment to rock that wins you over.” – HARP

“Finally, all those comparisons to Meatloaf and Harry Nilsson don’t seem quite so improbable.” – LA WEEKLY

Mallman... is a blend of Ryan Adams and fellow Minnesota legends, The Replacements.” – Pop Matters

Since releasing a FREE digital-only “greatest hits” album, the other rock God from Minneapolis, Mark Mallman, has been hard at work re-recording his next full-length album for Badman Recordings (My Morning Jacket, Starfucker, Hayden). That’s right: re-recording.

The man behind the stylish new video for “Do You Feel Like Breaking Up” (MP3 VIDEO) explains by saying, “I sat back and listened to a record in the major key, when my life had gone totally sour - my girlfriend was screwing her tango instructor, I ran my car into a light pole, and I had a never ending fever and no health insurance. So I was like, fuck it, this is a lie, I’m not happy at all. So I started a really dark record, and my life turned around! Oh, the irony.”

One piece of Mallman music that hasn’t been the subject of reflection is the score the musician recently completed for the upcoming film Living Arrangements about a vegan couple attempting to live with a werewolf. Check out the Living Arrangements trailer in HD HERE. Mallman is actually a professional composer for films by day, but most of the work he does is for major motion picture trailers and advertisements. Living Arrangements has proven to be a project closer to his artistic home.

And Mallman’s artistic home has been built over the course of a decade, culminating in the release of Loneliness in America (Best of 1998-2008). In ten years, Mark Mallman has released five full-length LPs (two worldwide), toured America 22 times yet, like many other artists, remains relatively unknown in the mainstream. Bio continued below.

Artist: Mark Mallman
Title: Loneliness in America (Best of 1998-2008)
Label: Badman/Guilt Ridden Pop/Susstones/Eagles Golden Tooth
Grab The Album: HERE

01. Do You Feel Like Breaking Up (New Single - 2008 - Eagles Golden Tooth) (MP3 VIDEO)
02. Knockout on 22nd St. (Between The Devil and Middle C - 2006 - Badman) (MP3)
03. True Love (Mr. Serious - 2004 - Badman)
04. Butcher's Ballad (Live From First Avenue - 2003 - Susstones) (MP3)
05. Death Wish (Between the Devil and Middle C - 2006 - Badman)
06. Hardcore Romantics (Mr. Serious - 2004 - Badman)
07. Inside the Castle (Who’s Gonna Save You Now EP - 2002 - Guilt Ridden Pop)
08. We Only Have Each Other In The Night (How I Lost My Life... - 2000 - EGT)
09. Mother Made Me Do It (The Red Bedroom - 2002 - Guilt Ridden Pop)
10. God Gone Mad (The Tourist - 1998 - Eagles Golden Tooth)

“Do You Feel Like Breaking Up” Hi-Res Video Embed Code:

Bio (Continued):
Unlike ANY other artist however, he’s performed the longest rock song ever written, a piano solo with the rear tire of a full sized motor scooter, and for ten hours inside of a refrigerator box. Mallman’s songs have been featured on This American Life, Public Radio International, MTV, the Oxygen Network, and most recently as the theme song to The Bank of New York Mellon.

While media outlets from Pitchfork to the LA Weekly have herald Mallman as the second coming of arena rock, this leather booted songwriter remains a man out of time, by his own unabashed design. “Some people over think what I’m doing – Yeah, on one level it’s deconstructivism, but on the other it’s simply parlor tricks. They used to call it ‘showbiz’.” he says.

Known to fans as Mr. Serious, his live performances are an unforgettable experience; approaching the keyboard like an electric guitar, lyrics like an existentialist writer, and the stage like a circus performer. In recent years, he’s has toured across America opening for such diverse acts as Guided By Voices, Cat Power, Donovan, Tegan and Sara, Exene Cervenka, and Chuck Prophet amongst many others.

As the front man for Kindercore Records newest electronic act, Ruby Isle – or composer for major motion picture trailers such as Wall-E, 10000BC, and Vacancy - or film columnist for a Minneapolis Weekly newspaper, Mark Mallman has accomplished more creatively than most artists twice his age.

The four labels that represent his material have come together to present this free collection of singles from 1998 – 2008. Loneliness In America is a celebration of an unknown songwriter who deserves his due. Currently signed with Portland based, Badman Recording Company, we would like to thank Susstones, Guilt Ridden Pop, and Eagles Golden Tooth for allowing the free public download of Mallman’s career to be possible. Their combined efforts over ten years may have not created a superstar, but as you will hear, have enabled an artist to express himself in an absolutely unique and ingenious way.

Badman Recording Company will release the highly anticipated new Mark Mallman LP Spring of 2009.

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Mark Mallman In The Press:
“Insane piano-pop, inklings of Elton John and Paul McCartney. Great songs from a madman... Owes a bit to Queen and Joe Jackson... Amazing depth of lyric. Very well arranged and produced pop songs.” – Hybrid Magazine

“These songs are good... Mallman writes and sings big, dramatic, Queen-style orchestrations, full of fabulous sweeping guitar fills and jangly keyboards, all propelled on by his plaintive lyrics demanding justification for his faith in love, humanity, and the world in general.” – Cosmik

“...engaging ballads and forceful pop tunes...” –

Mallman’s muscle shirts and rough edges belie a talent that’s smarter and more interesting than anything produced by Sir Elton, Meatloaf or Nugent recently.” –

“His carefree earnestness and willingness to go out on a limb often makes others in his field look as stiff as accountants.” – Minnepolis Star-Tribune

“Have some fun, as that is what pop – and rock ‘n’ roll – is all about and Mallman proves it “ –

“His songcraft deserves a lot more spotlight, a lot less shadow.” –

Mallman also has the real stuff when it comes to songwriting chops, delivering a set of catchy, emotional, and clever piano-driven pop songs.” – The Onion A.V. Club

Mallman has about as much self-conscious reserve as Meatloaf on methamphetamine.” – City Pages

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