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Kinetic Stereokids announce release of upcoming sophomore album Kid Moves and its boisterous accompanying tour.

Check out the lead single “Have A Nice Day” (MP3) and it’s wondrous accompanying video (LINK).

“If you like those Broken Social kids or Arcade Fire kids, I think you’ll really like these Kinetic Stereokids.” [We Heart Music]

“…a particular kind of post-rock from a post-industrial city … Imagine if DJ Shadow were into noise rock, if the Dead Milkmen rapped, or if My Bloody Valentine composed purely with found sounds” [KEXP Blog]

“The Kinetic Stereokids merge street beats with jazz swagger.” [Time Out Chicago]

Kinetic Stereokids are every bit a product of Flint, Michigan, a legendary city perhaps better known for its abandoned auto industry, endless unemployment and unflinching crime rate.

What started as childhood friends seeking refuge in basement jam sessions has since developed into an inspired, intelligent and innovative brand of modern rock. With comparisons ranging from Beck to Mogwai, and the cited influence of Can, Elliott Smith and the Beastie Boys, the Kinetic Stereokids’ sound is beat-heavy, sample-laden, sonic alchemy.

Kinetic Stereokids first earned recognition playing warm-up shows in the metro Detroit area for acts such as …And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead, Secret Machines and Explosions In The Sky, and subsequently signed to Brooklyn-based label Overdraft Recordings. After the 2007 debut full-length release Basement Kids landed on the CMJ Radio 200 list, Kinetic Stereokids gained national momentum, touring from New York to Los Angeles and from Pop Montreal to South By Southwest. Basement Kids’ lead single, “Explosions Were Heard” was featured as “Song of The Day” by indie rock heavy-weights and web-radio pioneers KEXP FM, Seattle, and was also included on their Music That Matters podcast series. The buzz surrounding Kinetic Stereokids spread beyond the U.S., as well, with their “junkyard folktronica” dubbed “insidious and addictive” and “attractive in so many ways” by various UK sources.

In February 2008, Kinetic Stereokids headed into Ghetto Recorders to mix Kid Moves with Detroit studio legend Jim Diamond (White Stripes, The Mooney Suzuki, The Dirtbombs). Final tweaks came from Jeff Lipton at Peerless Mastering (Arcade Fire, LCD Soundsystem, Wilco). The result is a more sophisticated effort than Basement Kids, while still retaining their distinctive grit. Later in 2008, Overdraft offered the first glimpse of Kid Moves by way of a limited edition 7” and the Have A Nice Day EP, also containing “Explosions Were Heard (Live on KEXP)” from an on-air session at Chicago’s Engine Studios.

Overdraft has now released the official video for “Have A Nice Day” (VIDEO), featuring intricate digital animation painstakingly created by New York-based editor Kelly Brickner. The video presents the band exploring a manipulated world of complex collages, most of which were scanned from scrapbook diaries created by Kinetic Stereokids’ frontmen Justin Ford and Mike Steibel. These collages are vital relics of Kinetic Stereokids history and also serve as the basis for the Kid Moves album art.

The band is currently touring and will continue across the country throughout the summer. Further, a video for Kid Moves’ second single, “Twisted Thoughts,” is in production from Detroit-based filmmaking duo James Petix and Sarah Babila, creators of the highly anticipated Detroit garage rock documentary It Came From Detroit.

Artist: Kinetic Stereokids
Title: Kid Moves
Label: Overdraft Recordings
Release Date: March 17th, 2009

01. Free Money (MP3)
02. Have A Nice Day (MP3 VIDEO)
03. Planes With Teeth
04. Assisted Living
05. Convalescent Feelings
06. Cancer
07. Proper Etiquette
08. Blunder
09. Postmortem Blues
10. Twisted Thoughts
11. Drugs Is A Drag
12. Strategic Maneuvers

“Have A Nice Day” Hi-Res Video Embed Code:

Kinetic Stereokids Live:
02/27 Detroit, MI @ The Factory
02/28 Flint, MI @ The Loft
03/01 Chicago, IL @ Empty Bottle
03/04 Ann Arbor, MI @ Elbow
03/06 Lansing, MI @ Macs
03/07 Buffalo, NY @ TBA
03/08 Montreal, PQ @ Le Divan Orange
03/09 Burlington, VT @ TBA
03/10 Boston, MA @ La Luna
03/11 Brooklyn, NY @ Public Assembly
03/12 Philadelphia, PA @ TBA
03/13 Washington, DC @ TBA
03/14 Richmond, VA @ Alley Katz
03/16 Chapel Hill, NC @ The Cave
03/17 Athens, GA @ Caledonia Lounge
03/19 Austin, TX @ Fado Irish Pub SXSW

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Kinetic Stereokids In The Press:
“A silently sadistic post-punk group that preys on jam bands, krautrock, dub, trip-hop, alternative hip-hop, art rock, and postrock, Kinetic Stereokids are fascinating because they hit all those genres at once without settling on one... They’re headspinning, and mesmeric to boot.” [Jack Rabid, Big Takeover]

“...guitar-based music for listeners who have become accustomed to having their music spiced up with samples… But unlike some bands that over-rely on the sample, these guys share an extremely musical sensibility that suffuses each element with little handmade sonic easter eggs... hard-won skills” [Wired]

“I came and saw what I assumed to be another independent post-rock, experimental band but I was left with a flabbergasted, deer-in-the-headlights stare, mind f*cked euphoria, numbness which can only be attributed to the fact, that yes, I felt a significant musical experience that night. Like Greek scholar Archimedes; reportedly proclaimed, ‘Eureka!’ after discovering volume displacement; I too felt after listening to Kinetic Stereokids live. I made my own little victorious discovery and more so, a resonating deep appreciation for their musical cause.” [Motorcityblog]

“Thank God for Kinetic Stereokids…’Sonic alchemy’ would be the clichéd rock critic phrase that comes to mind when trying to describe Kinetic Stereokids but really they defy description …fuzzy swirling guitars, syncopated drums and retro recordings mixed with synthy samples and satisfyingly glitchy effects.” [KEXP Blog]

“...dynamic and engaging” [Three Imaginary Girls]

“...these four young men out of Flint, Michigan are prepared for a larger audience”; “serene” [Audiversity]

“It’s not at all hard to detect when a band’s members know each other so well that the music becomes a completely cohesive creature … compelling instrumentation and innovative production details. Not too far off from Sonic Youth’s extreme-dabbling, or Elliot Smith’s melancholic rock balladry … genuine and fresh approach to rock, coupled with addictive hooks and vocals, make Kinetic Stereokids a must-hear.” [Harmony In My Ears]

“ excellent public transportation soundtrack.” [3Hive]

“...unconventially concocted songs anchored by sweet-sounding melodies.” [The LARRY Page]

“Beats collide with delicate guitar solos collide with Dark Side mumbles collide with radio chatter collide with scratches. It’s insidious and addictive” [Leicester Bangs UK]

“Score: 8/10 … attractive in so many ways … junkyard folktronica,” [Americana UK]

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