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Salme Dahlstrom’s latest single gets remixed by Madonna, Mariah, Diddy treatment team Klubjumpers.

Salme Dahlstrom’s The Acid Cowgirl Audio Trade is a “no excuses”, in-your-face pop-electronica album that is waist deep in potential singles, the latest being the infectious “C’mon Y’all.” As Dahlstrom’s album continues to draw media attention, “C’mon Y’all” has drawn the attention and labor of some of the hottest remix teams and DJs in the world.

Just one of the notable contributors is Klubjumpers which has worked with such superstars as Madonna, Mariah Carey, Diddy, Black Eyed Peas, Britney Spears, Lil Wayne and many others. The Klubjumpers mix opens the new remix disc with a strobe-light inspired take on “C’mon Y’all,” (MP3) and is followed by a slew of re-imagined versions by Brad Smith, Tribal Injection, Dephunk, Mike Ternero, and Bashar.

Dahlstrom’s album and this latest group of remixes have both been self released on Dahlstrom’s own KonTainer Music label, a practice that is quickly becoming the norm as major labels face their self-created end times. Echoing the recent stories of Katy Perry’s (“I Kissed A Girl”) experiences with persevering as an artist and performer after being courted, groomed and dropped by major labels, Dahlstrom has had struggles of her own.

Dahlstrom elaborates saying, “When it came time to put out my album I felt I had to do it independently. My last encounter with the major labels ended badly and I was left in limbo for six months while my label tried to get their shit together. They kept telling me that they really wanted me to stay on and that they would find a new home and I would be their number one priority. After six months of the same song and dance, I told them I was walking. During that half a year, I didn’t write a song, not a single note. I was totally paralyzed by the situation... I felt lost. I never wanted to be in that spot again and decided that it was time to take charge. As I produced some new songs and was talking to major labels about record deals, I was also starting to formulate a plan on how I could do this without them.”

Like Moby did with Play before her, Dahlstrom was able to license every track from The Acid Cowgirl Audio Trade. She explains, “I started getting licensing requests to use the new songs in commercials, movies etc. Pretty quickly I had a little business going. A couple of years earlier this would have constituted selling out, but times had changed and licensing was the future. I never wrote songs with product placement in mind, but it was gratifying to see how well my songs were received by licensing agents and ad agencies, and the fact that they were willing to pay good money to license gave me confidence in that I could write and produce ‘hits.’ By the time I put the album out all songs on the album had been licensed for something.”

Dahlstrom’s tunes have been heard on The Hills, One Tree Hill, Veronica Mars, Brooke Knows Best, in the upcoming movie Spring Breakdown, and as part of various campaigns for Miller Lite, Subaru, Vodafone, Virgin Mobile and others. Be sure to look out for Salme Dahlstrom’s The Acid Cowgirl Audio Trade with its latest single and slew of remixes… Listen today! C’mon y’all!

C’mon Y’all – The Remixes Tracklisting:

01. Klubjumpers Extended Mix (MP3)
02. Tribal Injection Low End Mix
03. Dephunk Afterhours Mix
04. DJ Brad Smith Electro Mix (MP3)
05. Mike T Euroboy Mix
06. Bashar Payback Dub
07. Klubjumpers Radio Mix
08. Re-Zone Electro Radio Mix

The Acid Cowgirl Audio Trade Tracklisting:
Release Date: August 19th, 2008
Stream The Album HERE

01. Intro
02. Bombastic
03. Superstar Car Crash (MP3 VIDEO)
04. C’mon Y’All (MP3)
05. G.L.S. (‘08 Remix)
06. Hello California (MP3)
07. Reality Check
08. Thinking About It... Baby (‘08 Remix)
09. Wearing The Peace
10. Little Helper
11. Popwreck

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More about Salme Dahlstrom:
“I take music very seriously, but I try not to take myself too seriously. I am here to have a good time. To me music is about entertainment, nothing else.” – Salme Dahlstrom

Self-written and self-produced, Dahlstrom recorded The Acid Cowgirl Audio Trade in her personal studio in New York City where she handled her own programming, editing, mixing and almost all playing on the record. A fan of Fatboy Slim and The Crystal Method, Dahlstrom maintains a similar style while having created entirely her own samples by recording a slew guitar riffs, bass lines, live drums, and vocals, and then cutting them up, re-sampling, filtering and tweaking them to use as the foundation for production.

Born in the countryside of Sweden, Dahlstrom began studying classical music at the age of four. She spent her teenage years writing songs and performing with local bands. Dahlstrom’s professional career began when she signed a publishing deal with EMI. She spent countless hours in the EMI studio learning the craft of producing and experimenting with different genres of music.

Dahlstrom traveled to the US in 1999 where she soon sparked a buzz in the music scene leading the NYC underground band aboyandagirl. With Dahlstrom center stage, an aboyandagirl delivered live music with such passion and energy that within a year of its creation, it was signed to RuffLife/Warner Bros. Records.

Following a fallout with the major label system, Dahlstrom took matters into her own hands with her full-length release of The Acid Cowgirl Audio Trade including the single “Superstar Car Crash” which was featured on the latest season of Big Brother Australia during which an entire episode was dedicated to the cast making a music video for it.

Quotes From The Press:
“The album is a pure adrenaline shot of pumped up beats as vibrant as a high definition rainbow after an electrical storm. It’s a hi-nrg voyage from the shores of Madonna to the temples of Fatboy Slim via the electroclash of Felix Da Housecat.” – The Devil Has The Best Tuna

Salme Dahlstrom is into electronic pop goodness. Over the top, but never losing her footing, her album The Acid Cowgirl Audio Trade is a good time party album that should be played really fucking loud…” – Here Comes The Flood

Salme Dahlstrom's ‘Hello California’ is crystalline, guilty-pleasure pop” – Jon Sobe, blogcritics.org

“The album is slickly stylized, with catchy hooks being the focal point. The music seems to be built up around the hooks as a way to compliment them, rather than stealing the spotlight...” – Snob’s Music

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