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The cult surrounding L.A. band Killola rages on -- I Am The Messer already downloaded 30,000 times amid fans tattooing the band’s logo all over.

Get your copy HERE.

“Why these guys aren’t already HUGE stars remains a mystery to me, but we are working on it, aren’t we?” – Dave Navarro

“This DIY band is going places. You'll need to brace yourself for the drool-able Lisa Rieffel, who blazes over Sparks-like tracks like she just gave Gwen Stefani a bloody nose.” – L.A. Weekly

“Teaching quirky ‘80s new wave pop hooks how to stomp glitter-rock-style, I Am The Messer just might pack as many eccentric but indelible melodic and rhythmic twists into its 10 songs as any rock record this year” - Chuck Eddy (Village Voice, Billboard Magazine)

Killola is three boys and one girl, making rock music out of Los Angeles, California. The band’s brand of garage pop (described as “Blondie for the 21st Century” or a derivation thereof by many) enjoys an internet presence that can best be described as ‘cultish’ with 1.5 million MySpace plays from over 80,000 friends, many of whom add the band’s familiar “K))” symbol to their screen names as a show of allegiance. Others go as far as to tattoo themselves with the band’s logo. Don’t believe it? Believe it! See HERE.

The bands says, “We'll often send a random message to people who have the “K))” in their [screen] name and out of nowhere tell them they’re in the top peeps. They get all stoked, it’s pretty sweet. Four kids showed up to our Chicago gig with K)) tattoos, that made our day.”

Obviously, Killola is quickly developing a reputation for bowling over just about everyone its music and live show comes into contact with.

And there’s more!

Since signing a deal with True Anthem, a new digital distribution company specializing in free downloadable albums through strategic brand sponsorships, Killola’s latest album I Am The Messer has notched 30,000 downloads in its first two months of distribution. Grab your copy HERE.

After attending a Killola show in downtown Los Angeles, Killola lead singer Lisa Rieffel was approached by Angela Robinson (executive producer of The L Word) and offered the role of “Daisy”, the lead character in the cult-adored web-series “Girltrash!” Watch all 10 episodes HERE.

Killola self-booked its own UK tour (12 shows in 12 days) and U.S. Tour (27 shows in 32 days) and the band shows no signs of slowing down with another tour of the United States and England lined up for April 2009. The M.O.B. Agency didn’t want to miss out on the fun, so the elite outfit responsible for booking No Doubt and Gwen Stefani, Fountains of Wayne, Joan Jett, Girl In A Coma and others recently signed Killola to their tight roster of touring bands.

Killola has also self-produced and distributed a live DVD/CD (download it HERE), self-produced and distributed two albums and has maintained a steady stream of visibility with vinyl 45s and even a digital USB-album you can wear around your wrist.

And the press already loves Killola, too. See below for some quotes from the media, find out for yourself by downloading your FREE copy of I Am The Messer, get yourself to a Killola show in your town, and drink, drink, drink the Killola-Aid.

Killola Live:
11/22 San Diego, CA @ Bar Pink
01/17 San Diego, CA @ Bar Pink
01/20 Mesa, AZ @ Hollywood Alley
01/21 El Paso, TX @ Uncle Paulie's w/The Action Design
01/22 San Antonio, TX @ Rock Bottom w/The Action Design
01/23 Houston, TX @ Chance's
01/24 Dallas, TX @ Sue Ellen's
01/25 Austin, TX @ Emo's w/ The Action Design
01/29 Long Beach, CA @ Alexs Bar

I Am The Messer Tracklisting:
Full Album Download HERE

01. The Is How The World Ends (MP3)
02. All of My Idols Are Dead
03. Strung Out On Sunshine
04. Is This A Love Song?
05. The Man From Kilimanjaro (interlude)
06. Personal Graveyard
07. Heartrate 160
08. Wa Da We Da
09. You Can’t See Me Because I’m A Stalker
10. 10,000 Pound Ego
11. Who We Think We Are (available with album download only)
12. Cracks In The Armor (available with album download only)

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Killola In The Press:
“For a band who operate out of their garage in Los Angeles, Killola have accomplished more than entire ZIP code’s worth of garage bands...” – Alternative Press

Killola play fast and furious and leave you grinning, sweating and enthralled in equal measure.” – ArtRocker Magazine, UK

“8.5!... Defending the good rep of ‘70s lippy girl new wave...” – Paper Thin Walls

Lisa totally sings rock like a pop idol (as opposed to Avril who sings pop like a rock idol). Why can’t these guys be more famous instead?” – CMJ New Music Monthly

“On the surface, as warm and cuddly as a bra full of puppies... Dig a little deeper, though, and it soon becomes apparent that each bite of the candyfloss is laced with razor wire.” – Classic Rock Magazine

“Having as much 80’s Cali new wave powerquirk pop (not to mention Blondie...) in its genes as tough-chick, post-glam, herky-stomp reminiscent of the great lost French fox-metal band Shakin’ Street.” – Chuck Eddy, MTV URGE

“It has all the right synth flourishes, a new wave stomp, and hooks the size of Jaws - if you can get over the sugar-sweet-pop centre, Then be prepared for the best femme-fronted pop-rock since No Doubt ruled this earth...” – Subba-Cultcha (UK)

Killola is unquestionably a band to keep an eye on.” – Revolt Media

Blondie for the 21st Century... Their album Louder, Louder! is a monster of a debut. Leaving you breathless, charmed and feeling refreshed by the possibilities rock music still holds.” – Kudos Magazine, UK

“Seriously, pick up the new CD. It just gets cooler during every listen.” – Mish Mash Magazine

“The quartet writes ballsy rock songs, more fun than a good one night stand – sexy and thumping stuff.” – Las Vegas City Life

“A rock and roll legend continues...” – Sugarbuzz Magazine

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