Friday, September 12, 2008

Shunda K of Yo! Majesty to launch weekly club night in NYC. Spiritual MC says “This is just the beginning.”

On the eve of the release of Tampa rap duo Yo! Majesty’s debut album for Domino Records, the group’s outspoken MC Shunda K ( has announced that she will host and present a series of club nights at the Original Sessions Art House on John Street in the Wall Street district of lower Manhattan.

The night, dubbed La Di Da Di Rock Da Party will commence on September 20th and continues every Saturday thereafter. Shunda K will also present shows at the room during every evening of the upcoming 2008 CMJ Music Marathon running October 21st through the 25th.

In keeping with the philosophies that permeate Shunda K’s work as an artist, La Di Da Di Rock Da Party is meant to act as a venue for artists of different genres to come together and rock the people with the common cause of breaking down preconceived notions and ideas about ourselves and our world around us. And, of course, to get down on the floor while doing it!

Shunda K has big plans and doesn’t consider the night anything short of the first step towards a worldwide ministry. “I have such a long ways to go,” she says. “That’s what keeps me humble -- knowing what I have to go through. This is my ministry and ain’t nobody gonna hold me back from building the people up. I’m going to establish ministries across the world and this is just the beginning.”

Some of the artists set to appear in addition to Shunda K herself include Bunny Rabbit and Black Cracker, The Loom, Elizabeth Willis, Gangi, Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson, Festival, Josh Bloom, Black Peter Group, The Terrordactyls, James Jackson Toth, Hey Willpower, Tha Pumpsta, Starfucker, Shy Child, Rosetta Stoned, Quitzow and many more. A listening event for the upcoming Yo! Majesty album Futuristically Speaking… Never Be Afraid is also in the works.

About the Original Sessions Art House: Original Sessions showcases film screenings, indie film theatrical releases, live original music, painting, sculpture, photography, performance art, burlesque, stage readings and theatrical productions. Its goal is to provide an outlet and fair environment for the brightest emerging talent -- an outlet for them to take their careers into their own hands and to provide warm welcoming venues where they can showcase their talents.

About La Di Da Di Rock Da Party (at the Original Sessions Art House, 17 John Street NYC btw Broadway and Nassau):

September 20th, 2008, 21+, $10, featuring: Josh Bloom (, Rosetta Stoned (, Supahero GoGo Star (, ILLMaculate Conception (, Shunda K of Yo! Majesty (

September 27th, 2008, 21+ $10, featuring: Mark McLaughlin (, Mahasin (, Poe Picasso (, Planet Ubiquity (, Shunda K of Yo! Majesty (, Josh Bloom (

Subsequent events will take place on October 4th, 11th, 18th, 21st, 22nd, 23rd, 24th and 25th and continuing every Saturday into the future.

From Uptown Manhattan - take the A,C,E or 4,5 or 2,3 downtown. For the E, get off at the last stop: World Trade Center station. Walk East of Dey St. for one block. Pass over Broadway and continue East on John St. For the 4 & 5, get off at the Fulton St. station, head South one block on Broadway, turn East onto John St. For the A, C, 2 & 3 trains, get off at the Broadway/Nassau Station, head South on Nassau St. one block, turn west onto John St.

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