Monday, August 18, 2008

Holy Sons (Emil Amos of Om and Grails) releases expanded edition of apocalyptic masterpiece.

“Uniquely dark songs” – Time Out New York

Holy Sons consists only of Emil Amos, and his music is full of gorgeous keening and emotional subtlety -- every quiet wail, guitar strum, and tap on the high hat is delicately balanced and perfect.” – Portland Mercury

Emil Amos’ utter disregard for anything close to musical commercialism springboards his work to another possible purpose: Transcendence of the confines we have all brought upon ourselves.” – Dusted Magazine

Aside from recording and touring with his other critically acclaimed bands Om (Sub Pop / Southern Lord) and Grails (Important Records / Temporary Residence / Neurot Recordings), Emil Amos also records and tours under the name Holy Sons. On September 23, 2008 Partisan Records will be releasing an expanded release of Holy Sons’ apocalyptic masterpiece Decline of The West.

Decline of The West represents a vital intersection of style and method in Amos’ songwriting and production, combining his genre-hopping tendencies and no-rules mixing methods with the more hook-driven, straight-to-the-jugular phrasing that he has been honing for the last 15 years.

Amos’ musical resume reads like a dream wish list for most musicians. Outside of Holy Sons, Amos is the new member in the globally renowned Om and a producer/songwriter of his other band Grails. He has performed both on stage and collaboratively with the likes of Daniel Johnston, Will Oldham, Damo Suzuki, Jandek, J Mascis, Smog, Polvo, Quasi, Sir Richard Bishop, Scout Niblett, Six Organs, Devendra Banhart, and Mark Kozelek.

Decline of The West
is named after and conceptually began with Oswald Spengler’s pessimistic assessment that the Western culture is revealing the classic signs of a society’s decay and end. The record was recorded at Amos’ home studio in late-night recording sessions that stretched over three years, during which he played every instrument and then mixed and re-mixed each track. Decline of The West is his most stylistically varied effort to date, and a linchpin of Amos’ catalogue.

Decline of The West Tracklisting:
Release Date: September 23, 2008
01. Gnostic Device (MP3)
02. The Feral Kid (VIDEO)
03. I’m Healed
04. Evil Falls
05. More Therapy
06. Things You Do While Waiting For The Apocalypse
07. More Noise Pollution
08. Satanic Androids
09. No Claws
10. Nothing Left
11. Saccharine Trust
12. Slave Morality
13. Kindred Spirit
14. Bleakest Picture
15. Song From The Conscience

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