Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Providence-based electro-pop duo MakeUpBreakUp to release debut EP via California’s S.A.F. Records, home of Die!Die!Die! and Yip-Yip.

More earthquake type rumblings from California’s S.A.F. Records are about to be felt nationwide as the label prepares for the release of the debut EP by MakeUpBreakUp, the Providence, Rhode Island based duo that doesn’t uses spaces in its name. That innocuous bit of trivia not withstanding, the We Prefer Not To... EP is certain to occupy that special place in hearts and minds this summer upon its release August 18, 2008.

“Oh, really?” Well, if you don’t believe, just check out the lead single “Jungle City” (MP3) and peep out a trailer for the EP HERE and some live footage HERE. Want to feel this energy in your personal space? See below for MakeUpBreakUp (feel free to call them MUBU, OK?) live dates.

More about MakeUpBreakUp:

The origin of MakeUpBreakUp can be traced back to the winter of 2006 and illicit phone conversations between Alexander Laorenza and Michael Lamantia, Jr. (aka Mikeylams,) both founding members of post-punk-indie-sex-pots A Trillion Barnacle Lapse. These prophetic diatribes took place during Laorenza’s Los Angeles days, where he made cash writing for a hip hop website and played with a myriad of musicians in desperate need of rehab.

Over on the East Coast, fresh out of Brooklyn’s mean streets and a stint with New York based band Rockethouse (Kanine Records), Mikeylams was back in Providence, writing and recording the tracks that would be the foundation of the eclectic electronic sound of MakeUpBreakUp. Laorenza was set to move back within a few months. The two planned a triumphant return, with a band that would honor their past while at the same time achieving the kind of sound they have always strove for.

Short demos recorded by Mikeylams were sent through the wires across the USA; enthusiasm abounded; band names were strewn about in a ludicrous fashion. By late spring of 2007, Laorenza and his Ford Escort made it back to Rhode Island after braving the buffalo depositories and murky cops in off-road vehicles of the Midwest. He and Mikeylams immediately started collaborating on the tracks, and started playing out live. Providence, Brooklyn, and Boston caught a glimpse of MakeUpBreakUp’s live act in the Summer of 2007.

Holed up in a practice space riddled with potential health hazards, the duo wrote and recorded the songs which have now come to be known as their We Prefer Not To... EP. Prelude to a debut full length, We Prefer Not To..., mastered by Jonathan Wyner (David Bowie, Devo, Nirvana), shares equally with the experimental post punk of A Trillion Barnacle Lapse as it does with the surefire electronic sensibilities of Depeche Mode, She Wants Revenge, New Order and Fischerspooner. With a few labels interested in doing a release, MakeUpBreakUp happily signed to S.A.F. Records in the early winter of 2007 which will be release the EP on August 18, 2008, with multiple tours to follow.

MakeUpBreakUp Live:
07/05 New York, NY @ The Annex
07/06 Philadelphia, PA @ TBD
07/07 Washington, DC @ Velvet Lounge
07/19 Providence, RI @ Indie Arts Fest
07/25 Providence, RI @ AS220

We Prefer Not To… EP Tracklisting:
Release Date: 08.19.08
01. Blame Game
02. Fall Into Her Love Trap
03. Jungle City (MP3)
04. Other Side of The Tracks
05. I Dream I’m Stone
06. She’s Always X-Rated

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