Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Saxon Shore lands publishing deal at home of Nirvana, Daniel Johnston, bombards TVs with tunes, heads back to studio w/ Flaming Lips producer Fridmann

“Dude, just minding my business watching American Idol and all the sudden I hear Saxon Shore and nearly fall off the couch.”

So says a Saxon Shore fan on the band’s MySpace page. It’s a great example of the age in which we live -- one where as the record industry crumbles, a band that makes “instrumental music for people who don’t like instrumental music” can be heard by millions.

Over the course of several albums and international tours, Matt Doty, leader of the Philadelphia based vocal-less group Saxon Shore, has been steadily building a fan base for his epic, uplifting brand of movies scores without movies.

Now, Doty’s meticulously and lovingly created sounds -- let’s not forget that he is ably assisted by mega-talented Flaming Lips producer Dave Fridmann -- have begun to appear as a soundtrack of sorts, helping to move Dannon yogurt and Sony televisions via national television ads.

Recently, next generation music publisher Primary Wave Music caught on, signing Saxon Shore to a publishing deal which will bring Doty’s music to even more of the public. The publishing home to Nirvana, Daniel Johnston and other notables is staffed by passionate music fans who quickly took to the enormity of Saxon Shore’s potential.

And who doesn’t like yogurt and TV? Especially when their consumption is motivated by tunes like Saxon Shore’s “Marked With The Knowledge” (MP3). Download the track and check out the Sony advertisement via the company’s website HERE or at YouTube HERE. Additionally, Doty’s work has also been picked up by the Sundance Film Festival, the Kentucky Derby, Major League Baseball, MTV, Toyota, Blue Cross, Nortel and Payless.

And for anyone still living in the 90’s that may take umbrage with any of this, here are the facts: as the independent musician joins the corporate world in a way they may have never imagined, the careers of these true artists are allowed to survive and thrive.

Case in point, Doty and Fridmann, who will reconvene for the recording of the fifth Saxon Shore record this spring. Now that these veterans have worn a good groove, this latest recording jag is sure to reveal the band’s finest moments to date.

As evidenced by everyone from American Idol fans on MySpace to the band’s rabid followers in Asia -- more of the world is ready for the life affirming, mood enhancing, and sonically soaring music of Saxon Shore.

The Exquisite Death of Saxon Shore Tracklisting:

01. The Revolution Will Be Streaming
02. The Shameless Moment
03. With a Red Suit You Will Become a Man
04. Silence Lends a Face to the Soul
05. Isolated By The Secrets of Your Fellow Men
06. The Shaping of A Helpless Joy
07. Marked With The Knowledge (MP3)
08. A Greatness At The Cost of Goodness
09. How We Conquered the Western World on Horseback
10. The Lame Shall Enter First

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