Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Pharmacy tours with Japanther in support of new album Choose Yr Own Adventure, is honored by new Terrordactyls EP covering five Pharmacy tunes.

“ tunes combined with earworm-worthy pop sensibilities and rhyming Seuss-like lyrics ready for blissful sing-alongs.” – Spin

“...a crazy, quirky blend of punk, synthesizer-driven pop and arty, retro rock” – Seattle Post-Intelligencer

“ hooks and dirty punk together in a delightful kaleidoscope of bandanas and pearl necklaces.” – Performer

The Pharmacy has played Bumbershoot, the Capitol Hill Block Party, every club in Seattle and every basement in the country. They have played with The Moldy Peaches and toured with Kimya Dawson (as her opening and backing band), Jeffrey Lewis and Matt & Kim. And now they’re on tour with Japanther. See below for current dates for this busy band supporting their new album Choose Yr Own Adventure.

The Pharmacy is currently planning a massive tour of Europe for the fall. Beyond that, who knows where you might end up seeing the trio. Check out the group’s MySpace page (LINK) and you’ll see they’ll play just about anywhere upon request: “Email us and we’ll probably play for you at your homecoming party, Cliffside generator show, barn, BART station, children’s TV show, etc., etc.”

Choose Yr Own Adventure isn’t the only new Pharmacy related record out now. Life-long friends The Terrordactyls recently released the Mike Bowers EP, also on Don’t Stop Believin’ Records, covering five Pharmacy songs using their signature classical guitar, toy pianos, and kazoos to take the edge off The Pharmacy’s old school spazz punk stylings by transforming them into perfect campfire songs. Have a listen to The Terrordactyls take on The Pharmacy HERE.

More about The Pharmacy:
Scott Yoder and Brendhan Bowers made plenty of noisy racket in the local garages and teen centers while growing up on Vashon Island, Washington. They moved across the Puget Sound to Seattle and booked their first tour as The Pharmacy (with then-member Joey Seward) in 2003 and have kept the show pretty much on the road ever since. In 2006 Joey left for more metal pursuits and classically trained pianist and fellow Vashon kid Stefan Rubicz joined on keyboards. Since then The Pharmacy have transformed from the synth-heavy overdrive of their 2005 debut album B.F.F. through the drizzly sunshine of the Overcast Summer 7-inch at last landing on the off-kilter psychedelic pop of Choose Yr Own Adventure. Replete with epic instrumentation - viola, violin, cello, harpsichord and horns all make an appearance - Choose Yr Own Adventure has been years in the making, re-vamped re-recorded and re-written over time.

The Pharmacy In The Press:
“...quirky, Beatles-informed tunes filled with quick tempo changes, fuzzy vocals, and cowbells. It’s cluttered like a scrapbook and yet catchy as hell.” – Brian J. Barr, Seattle Weekly

“...a drunk, less intellectual They Might Be Giants.” –

“[The] wonderful new video for The Pharmacy’s “Little Toys [on a Shelf]” proves that the band is having much more fun than you are.” – Seattle Sound Magazine

The Pharmacy is the band that won’t die. Thank Christ. Their new record, Choose Your Own Adventure, is finished... it’s the strongest stuff the band has done yet—weaving their less polished, basement sensibilities with playful keyboards and harmonies.” – Megan Seling, The Stranger

“I believe that, if the current path is any indication of the future, all pharmacies will have to be renamed because the term “great music” will unequivocally be associated with Seattle’s The Pharmacy. I mean, if The Pharmacy [the band] keeps giving us songs like “Mirror,” no longer will pharmacies be known as the place where you acquire prescription drugs and other useful necessities. A “pharmacy” will instead evoke strong, polished, tempo-wavering melodies, creeping up to catch you through hook-laden guitars and delightfully varied keys.” - A Limerick Ox

The Pharmacy Live:
* w/ Japanther
05/14 Tallahassee, FL @ Charles Mansion*
05/15 Pensacola, FL @ Sluggo's *
05/16 New Orleans, Louisiana @ Big Top*
05/17 Austin, TX @ Red 7 *
05/19 Las Cruces, NM @ The Farm *
05/22 Flagstaff, AZ @ Stab Mountain *
05/23 Long Beach, CA @ Babe’s Warehouse*
05/24 Los Angeles, CA @ The Smell *
05/25 San Francisco, CA @ Thrillhouse Records *
05/25 San Francisco, CA @ Hemlock Tavern *
05/27 Eugene, OR Shady Pines *
05/28 Portland, OR @ Exit Only *
05/29 Olympia, WA @ Midnight Sun *
05/30 Seattle, WA @ Sonic Boom Records - Ballard
05/30 Seattle, WA @ Booty Cave *
05/31 Silverdale, WA Jackson Hall
06/27 Seattle, WA Bend-It Fest @ Cal Anderson Park

Choose Yr Own Adventure Tracklisting:
Stream The Album HERE

01. Choose Yr Own Adventure
02. Black Ice Cream
03. Mirror (MP3)
04. Tropical Yeti
05. Warm and Untorn
06. My Friends
07. Little Toys On A Shelf (MP3) (VIDEO)
08. Try To Explain
09. Five Five Five
10. Turned Into Granite
11. Old Man And The Sea
12. Adieu, Adieu (MP3)

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