Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Pash readies debut album that recalls new hybrid of Be Your Own Pet, Dismemberment Plan, Tsunami and a vocal range to make Kelly Clarkson jealous.

"[Pash] just exudes this type of wide-eyed wonder that ought to serve as a reminder that life can be OK outside of cigarettes and alcohol. ...glorious post-emo fuzzy guitar work, solid pop beats, and Merideth [Munoz]'s just on the higher side of Velocity Girl-esque vocals.” –

“[The] Dismemberment Plan-meets-Kelly Clarkson brand of pop.” – The Washington City Paper

While the end of most crushes can lead to heartbreak, the end of one crush blossomed into the beginnings of Pash (rhymes with “cash”). Through a chance meeting at their small liberal arts college in a podunk Virginia town, Merideth Munoz's interest in Erik Bruner-Yang quickly turned from romantic to musical. The two began collaborating on a few of Munoz 's solo songs and soon after added Bruner-Yang 's roommate and childhood friend, Jon Bibb on the drums. The bond the three shared was not yet matched with any of the numerous bassists Pash had played with until Bibb invited another childhood friend and frequent musical collaborator, Ryan McLaughlin to play with the band. With McLaughlin on deck, Pash toured the East Coast and recorded its second album, The Best Gun.

Although their youthfulness still shines through, The Best Gun reveals a group of musicians who have grown significantly as songwriters from their dorm room beginnings. Pash elected to go into the studio again with Jason Caddell formerly of The Dismemberment Plan at Inner Ear Studios and came back with eleven stunning new tracks. The Best Gun is indie pop perfection in its purest form. Pash manages to channel the best of '90's pop heroes like Velocity Girl and Belly while at the same time conjuring the likes of late Richmond DIY superstars Marion Delgado and Flashbulb Memory.

Munoz 's vocal and lyric-writing talent has always been undeniable, but, on this latest recording, her development as a musician is simply astounding. Never timid, Munoz's vocal lines are clean and strong, her lyrics both subtle and forward. Bruner-Yang delivers impressive and complex guitar melodies that turn on a dime. McLaughlin provides the underpinning rhythm demanded of him, managing to enthrall with his bass lines while Bibb solidifies the songs by displaying his drumming ability with disciplined intensity.

Pash is one of the most exciting and hardworking bands playing on the east coast right now. Its live show is not to be missed. The band will tour much of the US throughout the rest of 2007.

Pash has shared the stage with many national acts such as Be Your Own Pet, Tilly and The Wall, The Comas, Rainer Maria, Ambulette, Travis Morrison and The Hell Fighters, The Muffs, Beauty Pill, Joe Lally of Fugazi, and Georgie James.

Pash Live:
08/16 Baltimore, MD The Metro Gallery
08/17 Fredericksburg, VA The 3rd Floor Studio
08/19 Philadelphia, PA The Khyber
08/24 Fredericksburg, VA The Great Hall
08/31 Washington, DC The Black Cat
09/02 New London, CT The Oasis
09/04 The Lit Lounge New York, NY
09/05 Brooklyn, NY The Trash Bar
09/12 Columbus, OH Carabar
09/13 Pekin, IL Bricks
09/14 Peoria, IL Peoria Pizza Works
09/20 Philadelphia, PA Fuel (Neighborhood Records)
09/22 Lunenberg, MA Andrew Hall
09/23 Somerville, MA P. A.’s Lounge
10/18 Brooklyn, NY Matchless Bar (CMJ)

The Best Gun Tracklisting:
Release Date: August 28, 2007

01. Swears and Bearings
02. The Best Gun
03. ABCD (MP3)
04. What Do We Always Say
05. Kill the Rich Boys I
06. Kill the Rich Boys II
07. The Promised Land
08. Down
09. Lights’ Outline
10. The Battle Ended There
11. Cosmopolitan

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