Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Madison’s Sleeping In The Aviary to bring its Kinks/Buzzcocks brand of spastic, brainy basement pop on the road this fall in support of debut album.

“Hard, fast, noisy and addictive indie-pop at its finest. It is such an absolutely joy to hear something as jarring and as exciting as this. I'm not lying when I say I spilled tea all over myself lunging for the volume to turn it up up up.” – The Roaring Machine

“I just like these kids because they make short pop songs. There's a lot to be said about a song that is under two minutes and engaging enough to get you dancing alone in your bedroom...” – It's The Money Shot

Thanks to intense, highly entertaining live shows and its addictive, spastic pop songs, Sleeping In The Aviary has in short order become one of Madison, Wisconsin's most intriguing young bands. Its sound could be described as The Thermals vacationing with the Violent Femmes, sharing hot tubs with The Kinks and saunas with Nirvana - often sounding frenzied or angry, but strangely good-natured about it. Flashes of rock and roll's history percolate throughout its authentic brand of catchy songs which are of the kind that immediately become implanted in one's brain upon listening.

Sleeping In The Aviary was formed in 2003 and underwent a few lineup changes before founding members and long-time friends Elliott Kozel and Phil Mahlstadt finally found their perfect match in Eyebeams songwriter and drummer, Michael Sienkowski. The band recorded its debut album, Oh, This Old Thing? with Ricky Riemer at Science of Sound, a basement studio in Madison where they felt they could achieve what they were looking for – a crisp and full recording while maintaining a DIY ethic. Now the band will take this sound and these songs on a month long tour of the US where fans can find out exactly what is making this group the most talked about act in Madison, Wisconsin.

“The album's opening salvo dominates, suggesting early Thermals via mid-western garages and basements. From there its 20 minutes of kick-ass lo-fi power pop laced with strains of Buzzcocks crunch, Kinks hooks, and I swear, a dash of Ruins grandiose spazz.” – Necromuncher

“It's sloppy, low-fi and as catchy as anything that you are going to come across... The garage rock-esque undertones of the thing could probably carry it on its own but the raw vocals of Elliott Kozel and the way that they are thrown about in the most pop-punk of fashions are what really make this such a good listen.” – Side One: Track One

Sleeping In The Aviary Live:

09/01 Minneapolis, MN Soap Factory
09/09 Madison, WI King Club
09/14 Milwaukee, WI Linneman’s
09/15 Chicago, IL South Union Arts
09/16 Peoria, IL TJ’s
09/17 St. Louis, MO Way Out Club
09/18 Little Rock, AR Vino’s Brew Pub
09/19 Shreveport, LA 516 Soundstage
09/20 Denton/Dallas, TX TBD
09/21 Houston, TX Rudyard’s Pub
09/22 Austin, TX Trophys
09/25 Albuquerque, NM Space Maybe
09/26 Tucson, AZ Vaudeville Cabaret
09/27 Los Angeles, CA Knitting Factory
09/28 Fresno, CA The Exit
09/29 Sonoma, CA The Shop
09/30 San Francisco, CA TBD
10/02 Portland, OR Brainstains
10/03 Seattle, WA Sunset Tavern
10/04 Portland, OR Red Room
10/05 Boise, ID Neurolux
10/06 Salt Lake City, UT Urban Lounge
10/07 Denver, CO Three Kings Tavern
10/09 Wichita, KS Kirby’s Beer Store
10/10 Manhattan, KS PJ’s Pub
10/11 Des Moines, IA Vaudeville Mews
10/12 Chicago, IL Cal’s Bar
10/13 Dekalb, IL TBD

Oh, This Old Thing? Tracklisting:
Stream The Album HERE

01. Face Lift Floats
02. Pop Song (MP3)
03. Another Girl (MP3)
04. Gloworm
05. Sign My Cast
06. Maureen
07. Drug Suitcase
08. No Socks
09. Only Son
10. Lanugo
11. Love Song
12. Getting Thin

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