Sunday, July 15, 2007

The Lodger’s Slumberland debut Grown-Ups blows up the blogosphere and receives outstanding approval from the UK Press.

“A promising debut indeed, and worth the wait - it's definitely time to treat yourself to a good Lodgering.” – Playlouder

Grown-Ups is an album full of classy indie-pop numbers set against wistful and occasionally biting lyrical content. With this release The Lodger certainly aren't going to be moving out anytime soon. (4/5)” – Leeds Music Scene

“The beauty of this debut is how well it works as an album - if the singles have passed you by, take forty minutes out of your life to let The Lodger lament in their understated, but magnificent, way. (4.5/5)” – Clickmusic

“A very complete and accomplished album that should be an inspiration to all those who are truly operating in the world of independent releases. Buy this. (4/5)” – Manchestermusic

“It's such a pleasure to sit down with an album that delivers such a wealth of intelligence and emotional luxury with such economical precision. (9/10)” – Whisperin & Hollerin

The Lodger’s debut album Grown-Ups, released on the respected Oakland label Slumberland Records, has the UK press convinced that the Leeds act has nowhere to go but to the Top of The Pops. This is Fake DIY (a site which holds a similar influence in the UK as Pitchfork holds in the states) raves, “Full of glittering gems, Grown-Ups is proof that the best things come in small packages. You won't hear a better album this year, we promise you that.” The Lodger has also seen overwhelming response from stateside bloggers as well, bouncing in and out of the Top 10 at music blog aggregator several times over the past few weeks.

The Lodger’s single for the album track “Many Thanks for Your Honest Opinion” was an NME stereo favorite, and the magazine also has spoken highly of the band’s live performances on multiple occasions. With the legendary status of Gang of Four, The Wedding Present and most recently The Kaiser Chiefs on the town’s side, it seems that Leeds is now ready to offer up another classic band to America in The Lodger.

Grown-Ups Tracklisting:
Stream The Album HERE
01. Many Thanks For Your Honest Opinion (MP3)
02. Kicking Sand (MP3) | (VIDEO)
03. Getting Special
04. You Got Me Wrong
05. A Free Period
06. Simply Left Behind
07. My Advice Is On Loan
08. Let Her Go
09. Watching
10. Unsatisfied
11. The Story's Over
12. Not So Fast
13. Bye Bye
14. Let's Make A Pact

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