Saturday, June 9, 2007

Wired likens The Berg Sans Nipple to Mum covering Godspeed! You Black Emperor, band continues tour with The Faint.

The Berg Sans Nipple has been drawing quite a bit of attention from the press lately in conjunction with its current tour with Saddle Creek electro-rockers The Faint. The Parisian based duo – it’s name translates to “a mountain without a top,” released its most recent record Along The Quai on Conor Oberst's Team Love label back in January.

Critics have been coming up with interesting ways to try to put a finger on The Berg Sans Nipple's unique blend of electronica and afro-beat drumming. In a recent “Listening Post” feature, some of the songs were likened to Mum covering Godspeed! You Black Emperor (LINK). Other journalists have had an equally frustrating though exhilarating time pinning the band’s sound. Download Along The Quai’s title track (MP3).

“...The Berg Sans Nipple played an amazing set last night at the Bowery Ballroom in New York City. The half-French, half-Nebraskan duo had a setup that could have easily belonged to a pretentious noise band; each member sported drums, keyboards, and a host of other various electronics and instruments (a steel drum, a melodica, cornet, etc.). However, The Berg Sans Nipple use these elements to create beautiful, sweet melodies.” – CMJ

“Inherently weird from their name straight through their whole sound, they're more like a psychedelic soundtrack to a cult film that was never made than the label's accessible folk/pop fare. There are shades of post-rock grandeur, avant-garde melodicism, Animal Collective freakiness and even allusions to Ennio Morricone's spaghetti western scores all vying for speaker time...” – Ink 19

The Berg Sans Nipple holed up last year in a house in a remote Parisian suburb with producer Antoine Gaillet (NTM, Johnny Halliday, M83) to create Along The Quai. The end result somehow manages to effortlessly blend dreamy electronica, percussion-heavy afro-beats, layers of feedback, pop melodies and dub blankets, creating a cohesive collage of everything that's influenced the duo since birth. While the duo’s organic sound lends support to the rumor that they are actually Siamese twins separated at birth, the reality is that they are two kids both best known for their skills as drummers, trapped in a tangled mess of cables, keyboards, samplers, horns, bells and machines.

The Berg Sans Nipple is finishing out its tour with The Faint, ending up with a homecoming show at Omaha's Sokol Auditorium. The Berg Sans Nipple’s Shane Aspegren is originally from Omaha and has collaborated on several Bright Eyes records and tours. Later this summer, Aspegren will return to Europe with bandmate Lori Sean Berg to start work on the band’s next album.

The Berg Sans Nipple Live:
(* w/ The Faint)
06/11 Boise, ID Big Easy*
06/14 Omaha, NE Sokol Auditorium*

Along The Quai Tracklisting:
Stream the Album HERE
01 Ghost
02 Mystic Song (MP3)
03 Aquarium Life
04 Of the Sung
05 Horseshoes and Hand Grenades
06 Along The Quai (MP3)
07 Carnival Days
08 Nonante-Trois

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