Thursday, June 28, 2007

The Washington Post can't stop talking about Peel.

“…an album which deftly proves that rock has at least 35 more minutes to live, and moreover, it is alive and kicking.” –

“It all makes for what is sure to be one of the best power pop albums of the year.” – Popmatters

“Austin indie-rock revivalist act Peel is a throwback to the heady post-Pavement days of the mid-'90s… The band's debut album, Peel (Peek-A-Boo), would've been a standout then, with catchy oddities like ‘Oxford’ and ‘1949’ sounding simultaneously vintage and immediate.” – The Onion

“…like if Wayne Coyne had a dream that Brian Wilson contacted Keith Moon from beyond the grave to start a band with a couple of zombies that would only play skewed renditions of Daniel Johnston tunes.” – Omaha City Weekly

Peel has recently become a favorite among bloggers after the release of its self-titled debut album. Popular music sites like Lost At Sea, PopMatters, All Music Guide, Idolator and Gorilla Vs. Bear among many others have all shown their approval of the group’s rambunctious brand of power pop. Peel’s self-titled debut has also received an exorbitant amount of press love as well – and even the usually snarky Vice Magazine has shown approval.

The Austin band recently returned home from its first nationwide tour which left new fans buzzing with excitement and critics hailing the band’s ability to rock as hard live as hard as it does on the record. In fact, the Washington Post wrote Peel up no less than three times! Stay tuned for more tour dates and a possible digital EP of Peel demos in the near future.

Peel Tracklisting:
Stream The Album HERE
01. Oxford (MP3)
02. Bells
03. In The City (MP3)
04. Sliding Doors
05. Workers, Wake Up!
06. 1949
07. Moxy Blues
08. Love Soaked in Blood
09. Someone’s Cousin
10. Tejax
11. Navy Waves

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