Monday, June 25, 2007

Village Voice, Blender praise The Clutters.

The Clutters are Nashville's answer to The Ramones. Their anthems, power-chord punchy and usually dispatched in three minutes or less, are similarly full of choruses memorable if only for their simplicity. Take, for instance, Don't Believe a Word's “Rockaway”—both its title and its ‘Hey, hey’ refrain can't help but evoke you-know-who; meanwhile, The Clutters' evident distaste for segues and slow songs, a bias first flaunted on their 2005 debut T&C, is Ramones-ian to the core. One major difference, though: This particular quartet features two females, one on big-beat, cymbal-heavy drums and the other on Farfisa, a toy-sounding keyboard that adds nuance to the band's blitzkrieg bop. And while singer-guitarist Doug Lehmann's nasally voice at times recalls Frank Black, echoes of the B-52's are evident when he and his mate on bass harmonize with the girls, as on opener ‘9999 (Ways to Hate Us)’ or ‘Radio,’ whose chant “We stole/We stole the radio” makes you hope they never give it back.” – The Village Voice

“They call Tennessee home and named themselves after a real–life Kansas family whose slaughter was detailed in Truman Capote’s In Cold Blood. Thankfully, though, there’s nothing rootsy or folksy (or dead) about these trash & rollers. On the Clutters’ second album, every garage–revivalist cliché — Farfisa organ, handclaps, taunting snarl — makes an appearance. Yet the music has a fearless, untamed energy that shames most of their too–cool–for–rock–school, retro contemporaries. When guitarist Doug Lehmann and organ player Ali Tonn throw themselves into the sing–songy chorus of ‘Radio,’ abetted by one of many slobbering metal–guitar hooks, The Clutters seem to honestly believe they have a chance of getting airplay on pop radio — and bless ’em for it.” – Blender

Nashville garage outfit The Clutters recently complted a short tour with fellow Nashville cow-punks and Yep Roc recording artists, The Legendary Shack Shakers. The members of The Shack Shakers are big fans of The Clutters, and singer J.D. Wilkes, AKA The Colonel tells us, “The Clutters are the kind of catchy, garage blues that needs to be on the radio everywhere. They're like The White Stripes, but with a bassist, good songs and a chick-drummer who can actually play. On second thought, they're nothing at all like The White Stripes. Thanks guys!”

The Clutters recently became a three piece, making it easier for the band to tour. Although Ali Tonn’s Farfisa parts rounded out the sound of Don’t Believe A Word, journalists such as Raoul Hernandez of The Austin Chronicle say the new line-up is “an improvement, pure and simple…no offense to the other gal,” and Mike Dickinson of the band’s Chicken Ranch label agrees that The Clutters rock harder live as a three piece.

Don’t Believe A Word Tracklisting:
Stream the Album HERE
01. 9999 (Ways To Hate Us) (MP3)
02. Radio
03. Living Thing
04. Rockaway
05. Fire
06. The Way Home
07. On Repeat
08. The Short One
09. Aww, Cmon
10. Let It Roll
11. Temperature (MP3)
12. Surrender

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