Monday, June 18, 2007

Coyote Bones gets featured on and NPR’s “Song of The Day.”

“‘Grand Eclipse’... is just a glimpse into Coyote Bones' atmospheric state-of-mind. Fans of Death Cab For Cutie's epic moments... will soak up Coyote Bones' earnest simplicity.” –

“The low-fidelity Gentleman On The Rocks sounds like something Sebadoh's Lou Barlow would have released in the early '90s, but that's not to say that its songs feel out of date... the tracks add up to an ideal and addictive mix tape — the kind that never gets old or goes out of style.” – National Public Radio

Trying to spot the members of Coyote Bones amongst the hullabaloo that is going on in the band’s video for “Living Breathing Demons” (VIDEO) is like trying to find Waldo. The clip stars Dev Hynes of Test Icicles, Craig D and Kianna Alarid of Tilly and The Wall, and Joe Knapp of Son Ambulance dancing around and generally acting like fools alongside other friends of the Coyote Bones-run CoCo Art collective.

Of course, the video also features Coyote Bones members David Matysiak, Greg Edds, Dan Krueger, and Chris Rivera. The clip, created by frequent Saddle Creek collaborator Nik Fackler, was made on a budget of $18 which went towards spray paint for the video's graffiti extravaganza (courtesy of Bright Eyes visual collaborator Joey Lynch), and a box of wine to loosen up the cast. The track “Living Breathing Demos” is culled from Coyotes Bones' debut album Gentleman On The Rocks which features contributions from members of The Anniversary, Tilly and The Wall, Neva Dinova, Jet By Day, Art In Manila, Flowers Forever, and Little Brazil.

In addition to the video, other tunes from Gentleman have been circulating around the internet as well. recently featured the song “Grand Eclipse” (LINK) and NPR's “Song of The Day” did the same with fan favorite “39 Forever” (LINK).

The memebrs of Coyote Bones have also recently affirmed their love of winged creatures, what with the owls that are predominently displayed on the cover of the band's album and in the aformentioned “Living Breathing Demons” video. Furthering this notion, the group also recently modeled the “Tiny Toy Talons” T-shirt design (LINK) for the Threadless t-shirt company, and has now taken to giving away copies of its album at shows to fans who show up with “owl objects.” In fact, the group collected quite a few owls on its recent tour. In Athens, Ohio, a fan brought the band a vegan owl cookie while another decorated the venue with owl pictures from coloring books. The Bones say the owls will be used later as part of a bigger project they have yet to unveil.

Gentleman On The Rocks Tracklisting:
Stream The Album HERE
01. Expire In Style
02. Lightweights Drinking
03. Grand Eclipse (MP3)
04. 39 Forever (MP3)
05. Buzzing Below
06. Let the Burden Be Mine
07. Arlington Curse
08. Don't Lose Your Cool
09. Living Breathing Demons (VIDEO)
10. Paint On Your Jeans
11. Fated To Fail
12. Your War

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