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Brooklyn-based improvisatory jazz --slash-- electro-classical --slash-- psychedelic rock ensemble, Loop 2.4.3, takes its “Time-Machine_music” on the road.

Upcoming dates led by percussionist Thomas Kozumplik, a collaborator with Kronos Quartet, Brooklyn Philharmonic, Sufjan Stevens, The National.


Thomas Kozumplik of Loop 2.4.3 as photographed by Jamal Ahmed



Hear the studio version of “Out to War” from Time-Machine_music by Loop 2.4.3 and see a live performance via the links below!



Loop 2.4.3 – Live

09/17 Marshall, VA @ Stillwaters 8PM
09/19 Arlington, VA @ Galaxy Hut 9PM
10/11 Tacoma, WA @ Slavonian Hall 7PM
10/13 Seattle, WA @ Wayward Music Series 8PM
10/20 Oakland, CA @ Studio Grand w/ Alex Vittum, 9PM
10/25 Geneva, NY @ Hobart and William Smith Colleges 8PM
10/26 Buffalo, NY @ University at Buffalo


“It all sounds like part of a well-thought-out tradition. Only the tradition has never existed until now.” – NPR

Loop 2.4.3 creates original music steeped in percussion and electronics, with sounds both experimental and familiar at its core. Rooted in the classical chamber music tradition, the music still has an undeniable psychedelic edge with improvisatory jazz and rock foundations.

Loop 2.4.3’s founder, percussionist, and composer, Thomas Kozumplik (also a member of Clogs along with The National’s Bryce Dessner and Padma Newsome), leads a flexible ensemble that rotates players and varies in size, but the powerful sense of exploration and freedom is constant.

Kozumplik’s latest iteration of Loop 2.4.3 has expanded the integration of electronic sounds, samples, and “ghost musicians” that Kozumplik creates via waves of delay. Kozumplik literally brought this music into new terrain by touring this latest “group” throughout the US, creating hour-long structured improvisations, and later harnessing these performances to create Time-Machine_music, the fourth Loop 2.4.3 album, released last year.

Composed solely by Kozumplik, the album explores literal and figurative manipulations of time, probing the experience from a personal and social perspective. With the album now available, Kozumplik is bringing Time-Machine_music out on the road again this fall for a handful of dates on the East and West coasts. See above for full itinerary.

Time-Machine_music explores the spaces, or the connections between points in time,” Kozumplik explains. “It acknowledges that brilliance and sagacity may come from a place that is entangled with conflict, controversy, emotional instability, and the surreal, hyperreal, hallucinatory receptors of the mind.”

The album’s lead track is “Out to War,” which Kozumplik says is “as much about being treated with disrespect as it is about world conflict, and the seemingly unending need for humans to resolve conflict through violence.”

A sampling of the instruments heard on Time-Machine_music include an electro-acoustic percussion set of Chinese tom-toms, Indian bells, crotales, log drums, tambourim, marimba, vibraphone, Thai gongs, piano, Wurlitzer, steel drum, and kalimba. Kozumplik also brings voices, strings, and found sounds into the mix, embracing a notion of journeyed story-telling, and ultimately creating an alternate universe and immersive experience best brought to life in Loop 2.4.3’s acclaimed live show.

Thomas Kozumplik of Loop 2.4.3 is available for interviews.  Contact Josh Bloom at Fanatic for more information.


Loop 2.4.3
(Music Starts From Silence)
Out Now

Track Listing:

01. Out to War (STREAM | MP3 | VIDEO)
02. MK Ultra
03. Time-Machine_music
04. Song of the Eldar
05. The Moving Finger of Time
06. Prelude (for Sophia)


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