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Myopic records “Playground” in one take in Montessori school playground. Two-song “Two Pieces” single out today.

Dallas–based multi–instrumentalist Jeff Ryan’s credits include work with St. Vincent, The War on Drugs, Sarah Jaffe. 


Jeff Ryan of Myopic as photographed by Jerome Brock.



Grab a download of “Playground” by Myopic courtesy of Popmatters and check out the video via Northern Transmissions.



Dallas–based drummer and multi–instrumentalist Jeff Ryan – his credits include work with St. Vincent, The War on Drugs, Daniel Johnston, Sarah Jaffe, The New Year and many more – presents “Two Pieces” (UPClose Recording Co., Dec. 11th), his latest release under the Myopic banner.  The new tracks are each named for the settings in which they were made, recorded with minimal instrumentation and no overdubs, and then mixed by Grammy award–winning producer, Stuart Sikes.

“The idea was to capture a moment and not spend any time in post-production,” Ryan says of the concept. “Whatever happened in the moment, happened.”  The first track, “Playground,” was recorded in the playground of White Rock Montessori where Ryan’s children go to school. “A lot of the teachers are already playing it for their students, and getting them inspired to make more music.”

“I was dropping by the school, and I realized I was in the playground, totally alone, for the first time,” Ryan explains. “Even though I’d always noticed the vibes and bells that were built into the playground, I just never really had the chance to play them.”  A few weeks later, Ryan replicated the melody he came up with that day along with minimal accompaniment.

“I heard violin and another set of bells accentuating my foundational melody,” he says.  “I had Scott Danbom from Centro–Matic, and a few other players along to accompany me. You can hear planes flying overhead, a bit of the wind, and the instruments resonating naturally outside.” The music video for “Playground,” shot by John Dufhilo, captures the session just as it took place that day.

“I’ve been on the periphery of the electronic world for a while, so I thought it would be interesting to try something completely different,” Ryan says of the new music. The second of the “Two Pieces” is “Home” which was recorded in the house where Ryan grew up in rural Texas. “To go there that day and track this idea in the same living room where I’ve had hundreds of family gatherings was pretty special,” he says.

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“Two Pieces” Single
(UPClose Recording Co.)
December 11th, 2015

Track Listing:

01. Playground (STREAM | MP3 | VIDEO)
02. Home


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