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Poster Children’s Rick Valentin readies debut album as Thoughts Detecting Machines. Hear “Night For Day” via Brooklyn Vegan now.

LP copies of “Work The Circuits” packaged in custom sleeves created by hacked pen plotter programmed using album’s audio waveforms.


Rick Valentin as photographed by Gilman Chatsworth.



“Night For Day” is the latest single by Thoughts Detecting Machines. Hear it via Brooklyn Vegan or the links below!


Each copy of the Work The Circuits LP jacket took 30 minutes to create utilizing a pen plotter hacked and programmed by Rick Valentin.  See it in action here.


“I’ve always been suspicious of Ben Franklin’s maxim ‘Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise,’” says Rick Valentin, the musician behind 90s-era alt-rock stalwarts, Poster Children and his current solo project Thoughts Detecting Machines.

Valentin is discussing “Night For Day,” the latest single from the debut Thoughts Detecting Machines album Work The Circuits, arriving via the artist’s own Twelve Inch Records label on March 16th. The song was recently premiered via Brooklyn Vegan and can be heard here.

“I find it hard to believe that someone who frequented the Hellfire Club and was a writer and inventor was in bed by nightfall and up at the crack of dawn,” he continues. Ultimately, Valentin explains that the song is “about the kind of schedule musicians and coders share outside the normal cycle of day and night.”

Valentin should know as he is both.

For example, the cover art for Work The Circuits literally explores the connection between art and technology, having been created by a pen plotter that Valentin wrote new software to control. The result is each vinyl copy of the album being housed in a subtly unique jacket.

“I love the pen plotter,” Valentin explains. “It has the exactitude of a computer with uniform curves and lines but there are also imperfections. Blobs of color where the pen first sets down, ink bleeding into the paper and gaps and overlaps where the servos don’t quite guide the pen to the right location on the page. It’s like the music – a collision of digital and analog, the perfect and imperfect.”

It took about 30 minutes to print each album cover, about the amount of time it takes to listen to the record itself, which unlike the complicated explanation of the art creation (something about converting audio waveforms into Bezier curves, transforming them in 3D space, converted them into G-code, sending them to a Shapeoko 2 CNC router modified to hold pens and so on), can be summed up with “it rocks.”

Work The Circuits, the debut album from Thoughts Detecting Machines, arrives on March 16thRick Valentin is available for interviews. Contact Josh Bloom at Fanatic for more information.


Thoughts Detecting Machines
Work The Circuits
(Twelve Inch Records)
March 16th, 2015

Track Listing:

01. New Day (STREAM | DOWNLOAD | MP3)
02. In the Right
03. The Call
04. The City
05. Bully
06. Fine
07. White Lies
08. Shine Me On
09. Night for Day (STREAM | DOWNLOAD | MP3)
10. Say You Will


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