Friday, November 21, 2014

Five songwriters spend weeks secluded in California Redwoods to create ethereal debut album “Seven Seasons.”

Introducing San Francisco’s Hidden in the Sun.  Epic seven-minute single streaming now, LP arrives Jan. 20th.


Hidden in the Sun (L-R): Scott Rouse, Lizzie Clapper, Jason Vivrette, Ciara McAllister, Sean Alexander. Photo Credit: Scott Rouse.



Hear the first single “Salt and the Spring” by Hidden in the Sun via Blurt or at the links below!



See the album trailer for Seven Seasons by Hidden in the Sun


“Pure mood, dropping the listener into the middle of some beautiful and history-rich ‘other’ world.” – Blurt

‘Salt and the Spring’ represents our most collaborative effort,” says guitarist Sean Alexander of San Francisco-based band Hidden in the Sun of the unconventional first single from the fivesome’s upcoming debut album Seven Seasons. Check out the track via Blurt here.

The deep traditions of American roots music contrast with styles ranging from the Blues to Ambient Electronic in the unique music of Hidden in the Sun. Recorded deep in the Redwood forests of Mendocino, California, Seven Seasons (arriving Jan. 20th, 2015) shows off the transcendent results that can come from true, egoless collaboration.  “We isolated ourselves for two weeks and only spent time with each other, our producer, and the occasional grocery store clerk!,” explains Hidden in the Sun vocalist Lizzie Clapper.

Contrary to the band’s usual writing processes, Alexander explains that “The riff for ‘Salt and the Spring’ was brought to rehearsal and each member of the band came up with his or her own unique contribution.”  For a group comprised of five songwriters, each with a multitude of influences, cooperative creation could be a challenge. But, Hidden in the Sun isn’t just any band. They’ve got this.

Members of Hidden in the Sun are available for interviews.  The band will play a hometown show in San Francisco at The Makeout Room on Sun. Dec. 21st. Contact Josh Bloom at Fanatic for more information.


Hidden in the Sun
Seven Seasons
(S/R – Jan. 20th, 2015)

Track Listing:

1. Seven Seasons
2. My Magdeline
3. Three Flavors of Five
4. Waiting on the Storm
5. Salt and the Spring (STREAM | DOWNLOAD | MP3)
6. San Francisco Blues
7. Coat of Armour
8. Roulette
9. Smoke Signals
10. Bend
11. The Gun Song
12. Lexicon


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