Thursday, June 26, 2014

Oakland-based synth trio Tremor Low introduces itself with slow-motion video for “Give Blood” single.

Esquire asks “When was the last time you wanted to dance to psychology?” in its premiere coverage.


 Tremor Low (L-R): Ariel Utz Wirnsberger, Don Bellenger, Fabian Paredes. Photo Credit: Flip Cassidy.





See the video for “Give Blood” by Tremor Low premiering via Esquire here!

Oakland-based trio Tremor Low clearly defines its sounds as “Synthesizers, drum machines, delay and distortion pedals - in that order.”

The band’s arresting sound and visual style were recently captured in the music video for the single “Give Blood,” premiered recently via Esquire, and signaling the Tremor Low’s first nationwide shot across the bow.  The slow-motion clip, inspired by films such as “Pulp Fiction,” and “Time Crimes,” was shot by director David Dutton in one day while trespassing on private property.

Band member Don Bellenger describes “Give Blood” as “A look at confusion and misplaced blame, and, in the end,” he says, “the details of ‘who did what,’ or in this case ‘who killed who,’ become irrelevant. We are doomed to repeat our mistakes.”

Of the production itself, Bellenger says, “I tasted lots of fake blood and didn’t like it.  In one particular shot, we threw a bloody knife and then couldn’t find it, so there’s still a very incriminating knife covered in blood out there on this person’s property.”

In addition to Bellenger, Tremor Low is comprised of Fabian Paredes, and Ariel Utz Wirnsberger, who was discovered by Bellenger and Paredes after auditioning two dozen prospective band members.

Coming up in the San Francisco scene, Tremor Low has since drawn the attention of respected Bay Area DJ Aaron Axelsen, who brought the band to the stage and greater exposure, as part of his popular local Popscene event.  Performances at nationally recognized San Francisco venues such as Great American Music Hall and Bottom of The Hill have further cemented the band’s local reputation.

Now, with “Give Blood” out, and new recordings underway, the world is finally ready to fully experience Tremor Low.

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