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Australian singer-songwriter Redvers realizes dream of jetting to San Francisco to create debut album.

 Recorded in one sitting and written that morning, Justin Gill’s “Truth In Silence,” arrives June 3rd.

RIYL: Pink Floyd’s “Goodbye Blue Sky,” Beck’s “Guess I’m Doing Fine”


Justin Gill of Redvers as photographed by Sumi Saini


Hear “Laughing At Rainbows” by Redvers courtesy of The 405



“Laughing At Rainbows” is the first single from the upcoming Truth In Silence by Redvers


“I only had the morning to complete some crucial lyrics, but they seemed to come quick and easy in an old Mission District diner the morning of recording,” says Australian singer-songwriter Justin Gill of the last-minute moments that led to the creation of Truth In Silence, his debut album as Redvers, out June 3rd.

Listeners will hear Pink Floyd’s “Goodbye Blue Sky” and Beck’s “Guess I’m Doing Fine” as touchstones in album opener “Dawn Interlude” where Gill’s ethereal arrangements envelope a charm and deep honesty seldom heard today. Fresh, raw, and without armor, Gill presents his songwriting as a soft hum that pacifies the soul and captures an essence unyielding.

To make Truth In Silence, Gill dreamed of recording in America, and so landed in San Francisco in 2013 to track the album at Tiny Telephone.

“I was enraptured at the sense of freedom as I boarded the plane,” he remembers.  “I was off to capture a special moment in time. It felt fortuitous that the first song I heard on the flight was Jefferson Airplane’s ‘White Rabbit,’ a track I’ve loved a million times.”  Truth In Silence was produced by Ian Pellicci (Deerhoof, John Vanderslice, James Jackson Toth) who captured the entire album in a single day, including its first single “Laughing At Rainbows.”

“I happened to walk past a church,” Gill says of the song. “There was a sign out front that said ‘God puts rainbows in the sky’ -- I was rather intrigued by the statement.” Gill remembers that the tune’s music was written during a heavy rainstorm, so heavy in fact, that the sound of the downpour made it onto the demo recording.

“When I listened back it sounded beautiful, so I decided that rain had to be put on the track,” he explains. “I know that rain sound effects have been done to death, but I felt I had to remain faithful to that initial meeting with the song.”

As for the actual title, Gill says “I don’t remember actually writing the lyric ‘laughing at rainbows,’ but maybe I subconsciously ripped off Buddha, who said ‘When you realize how perfect everything is, you will tilt your head back and laugh at the sky.’

Truth In Silence by Redvers arrives on June 3rd, 2014.  Justin Gill is available for interviews.  Contact Josh Bloom at Fanatic for more information.


Truth In Silence
(S/R, June 3, 2014)

01.  Dawn Interlude
02.  Impression
03.  Homeless
04.  (Reprise)
05.  Cycle Of Welcome
06.  Laughing At Rainbows (STREAM | DOWNLOAD | MP3)
07.  Golden Anguish
08.  Violence, Windows And The Moon
09.  Time Dilation


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