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David Bronson unearths art school footage to illustrate the latest track from his “The Long Lost Story” two-album epic.

Video for NYC-based musician’s “The Lost” hits YouTube as work on follow-up with producer Godfrey Diamond continues.


David Bronson as photographed by Ben Goldstein



 See the video for “The Lost” from David Bronson’s The Long Lost


“Bronson has soaked up all the best parts of ‘70s rock and created his own vibe.  Captivating.” – MAGNET

‘The Lost’ is a minute-long encapsulation of The Long Lost,” NYC-based musician David Bronson explains of the opening title track from his current album. “And the video is not only a metaphor for what’s happening on the record, but directly references the autobiographical nature of the whole project.”  The clip contains footage that Bronson made almost a decade ago in art school for what was the embryonic version of his two-album epic “The Long Lost Story.”

“The Long Lost Story” isn’t just an imaginative title for Bronson’s collection of Cat Stevens and Harry Chapin-evoking songs that have seen release over the course of 2013.  It’s actually the only way to describe a wealth of material that was so painful for Bronson to make public that he hid the recordings for nearly a decade.  Bronson found catharsis in writing and recording the material at the time, which alludes to a lost relationship, but also to a person who is just quintessentially “lost,” in general.  Regardless of Bronson’s clearing of his emotional decks at the time, the work remained private until 2013.

“It was just too painful to face,” Bronson confesses. The material came to light as two albums, with the louder tunes released as Story in early 2013, and the quieter, acoustic-based prequel The Long Lost following this past fall.  Both albums were produced by Bronson and mixed by Godfrey Diamond (Lou Reed, Sparks, Glen Campbell) and, since their release, have earned the attention of music discovery websites such as Under The Radar, Baeblemusic, American Songwriter, and My Old Kentucky Blog among others.  Bronson has also found welcoming ears in the UK where his work is currently being heralded.

As for revisiting all of this baggage nearly a decade after the fact, Bronson explains, “I suppose it’s unusual to release a record so long after its making, but being so far away from where I was during the writing and recording really emphasizes the documentary aspect of the whole thing for me. I’m very happy that this period of my young life was recorded, and very excited to let it out into the world at long last.”  Bronson has now moved on to new work and is back in the studio (once again with Diamond) completing an all-new full-length.

“Benefitting from Godfrey’s decades of experience, it’s been done in a very different manner than the first two,” Bronson says. “The album is very far along, and sound-wise, it’s a whole different thing; a real evolution from ‘The Long Lost Story.’ Song-wise, it’s a new level of maturity, being that it’s the first music I’ll be putting out that’s contemporaneous with my life.”

When Bronson isn’t writing and recording his solo material, he can be found working as a contributing composer and editor on filmmaker Jennifer Elster’s “The Being Experience.”  The project is an unflinching look at existence, featuring a cast of actors, thinkers, and musicians including Dave Matthews, Moby, Questlove, Rufus Wainwright, and Yoko Ono among many others.

David Bronson’s “The Long Lost Story” (comprised of the albums Story and The Long Lost) is out now.  Bronson is available for interviews.  Contact Josh Bloom at Fanatic for more information.


David Bronson
The Long Lost
(S/R – Out Now)

Track Listing:

02. October
03. Animals (STREAM | DOWNLOAD)
04. Crooked Trails
05. Incompetent Assassin (STREAM | DOWNLOAD | MP3 | VIDEO)
06. Idols
07. Living in Name (STREAM | DOWNLOAD | MP3 | VIDEO)
08. In a Cave
09. Once when I was god
10. One Simple Myth
11. Stay in Touch


David Bronson
(S/R – Out Now)

Track Listing:

01. The Turns (STREAM | MP3 | VIDEO)
03. If
04. Easier (VIDEO)
05. The Ones
06. Us (VIDEO)
07. Momentary (STREAM | MP3 | VIDEO | REMIX)
08. Adrift
09. Watch the Sun (October Reprise) (VIDEO)
10. Outside (VIDEO)
11. Unending (Underture)


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