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Upcoming Clara May album confronts stereotypes head-on as Indian-American band leader Tom Silva discusses with MTV Desi.

“Amercan Desi” arrives October 8th.  Lead single “Badlands,” featuring sonic tributes to John Bonham, Keith Moon, streaming now.


Clara May (L-R): Tom Silva, Jon Lewchenko, Michael Sinclair, Alex Gowland, Marcus Smith, Phillip Amererson. Photo Credit: Rachel Oftedahl.



“Badlands” is the first single from the new album “American Desi” by Clara May


"Rich and alluring... a mini-melting pot of new American music.” – Chicago Sun-Times

Visit MTV Desi where Tom Silva of Clara May discusses his Malaysian roots, Desi-rock fusion, and how his own ideas about the American Dream have evolved.

Chicago-based band Clara May will release its second album American Desi on October 8th, and like its predecessor, the album explores themes surrounding identity and ethnicity, but this time from a more singular perspective.  Indian-American filmmaker, songwriter and musician, Tom Silva is the man behind this story, as he recently discussed with MTV’s Desi website here. At a time when immigration has become a flashpoint topic, American Desi makes the issue intensely personal by following a young man from the shores of Asia to Los Angeles to Middle America on a haunting journey of border crossings, loneliness, love and ultimately triumph.

American Desi charts the inner journey of an immigrant to America,” Silva explains. “He’s wowed by the American dream, but is forced to face the reality that, for this country’s 11 million undocumented aliens, it can be an even harder life than what they left behind.”  It’s a story that may seem too heavy for a rock and roll record until you actually listen to American Desi.  The album’s sound is heavy itself in all the right ways, making an epic noise with anthemic guitars, rattling bass, booming drums and Silva’s baritone.

Combined, it conjures something as offbeat but interesting as Lou Reed fronting Led Zeppelin.  This can be heard on American Desi’s first single “Badlands,” which features a drum solo in the great tradition of British drummers like John Bonham and Keith Moon. Of the song’s lyrics, Silva describes them as a plea to immigrants to own their heritage.

"Be yourself and honor who you are,” he says. “The song grew out of wanting to represent what an illegal immigrant feels like in a new culture. I deeply love America, but the truth is that half of new aliens have no health insurance and less than a high school education. Many do not see their family or friends for decades and feel trapped.” Ultimately, Silva reminds us that the overall message of the song is triumphant, saying, “‘Badlands’ calls to immigrants to assert themselves as people who deserve dignity and respect.”

American Desi by Clara May is scheduled for release on October 8th.  Tom Silva is available for interviews.  Contact Josh Bloom at Fanatic for more information.


Clara May
American Desi
(S/R – Oct. 8th, 2013)

Track Listing:

01. American Desi
02. Badlands (STREAM | DOWNLOAD | MP3)
03. Kanyakumari
04. The Last Word
05. You Called Out to Me
06. Long Shadow
07. KL Days
08. LA
09. Seville
10. Perfect One

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