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Brooklyn-based studio duo TKTTSM (“ticketism”) to expand into a live six-piece at NYC’s Mercury Lounge, May 31st.

Band gets two name-drops in Entertainment Weekly, debuts NAOAN remix of “Eyeyeye” single via Beats Per Minute.


Johanna Stahley of TKTTSM as photographed by Brittany Sturrett.



“Eyeyeye” is latest single from TKTTSM.  Click to the NAOAN remix and the original album version.



 See TKTTSM’s all-new live show at NYC’s Mercury Lounge on Friday, May 31st.  More info here.

Check out the premiere of the NAOAN remix of “Eyeyeye” by TKTTSM via Beats Per Minute!

Brooklyn-based psychedelic pop-rock duo TKTTSM (pronounced “ticketism”) has now expanded to a six-piece ensemble. The band will bring its high energy show to the Mercury Lounge on Friday, May 31st.  All of the gymnastic instrumentation, Bjork-like vocals, and Crosby, Stills & Nash harmonies found on the band’s debut album will be on full display, exploding from the stage with precision and emotion.

TKTTSM songwriters Johanna Stahley and Owen O’Mahony share their love of pop, noise, experimentation, and improvisation on TKTTSM’s self-titled debut.  Most of the album’s lyrics were co-written with a stream of consciousness approach.  The instrumentation and skewed pop vocals that color these catchy songs are a perfect representation of the band’s love of exploration, animals, and freedom; and their dislike of politicians, financial institutions and any other power hungry villains.

“Since the release of the album, we have been searching for the right players to help us bring our vision to life,” says Stahley of the band’s new live lineup, which includes Jacob Colin Cohen on drums, Matt Cusack on bass, Reinder Oldenburger on guitar, and Lauren Zettler on synths. “They turned out to be more than great players – each is such a creative force!,” Stahley says.

To celebrate the band’s upcoming show, TKTTSM is making a new remix of its “Eyeyeye” single available for free download via Beats Per Minute.  The reworking of the track is by Nate Tannenbaum of the New York City based production team NAOAN, which has previously collaborated on remixes for I Am Lightyear and No Way Josie.  NAOAN is now working on the upcoming single “50 Cent Lemonade” by Lubrication.

‘Eyeyeye’ might be my favorite song on the album,” Stahley says. “I was so deep in thought driving through Queens that I got lost and ended up in the projects. That’s when the lyric “fists punching in the sky-eye-eye” popped into my head. It was a strong image, like some kind of apocalyptic last stand against the end of time.”

TKTTSM released its debut album in the fall of 2012 to airplay on nearly 150 non-commercial radio stations, including spins on KCRW from veteran DJ Gary Calamar.  Calamar, who is also the Music Supervisor for Showtime’s “True Blood” and “Dexter,” among other television shows and films, went on to mention he was “digging” TKTTSM in a January, 2013 Entertainment Weekly article titled “The Best Songs On TV This Season.”  TKTTSM was mentioned in Entertainment Weekly again in March, 2013 alongside MSTRKFT, SBTRKT and MS MR.


(Sumxuni Records)
Out Now

Track Listing:

01. Calisthenics
02. Plastic Fantastic (STREAM | DOWNLOAD | VIDEO | REMIX)
03. I Wanted To
04. Edumication
06. Dear Diary
07. Japanteup
08. Porcupine
09. Focus




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