Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Cannanes answer their own 26-year-old Calvin Johnson-penned tune with new “Crawler” single.

Hear the premiere now via USA Today. Australian duo’s first release in 11 years arrives March 19th.


The Cannanes (L-R): Fran Gibson, Stephen O’Neil. Photo Credit: Lance Hillier.



“Crawler” is the latest single from the upcoming “Small Batch” EP by The Cannanes.



Check out the premiere of “Crawler” by The Cannanes via USA Today!

“We Drink Bitter,” a Cannanes song released in the band’s native land in 1987 that later surfaced in America on its 1993 Witchetty Pole album, has been called one of the best “Is it really over?” songs of all time. Although co-written and performed by The Cannanes, the song’s lyrics are attributed to K Records founder and Beat Happening leader Calvin Johnson.

Now, The Cannanes have answered their own tune. “It’s a nod to ‘We Drink Bitter,’” says band member Frances Gibson about “Crawler,” the latest single from the upcoming “Small Batch” EP, the Australian duo’s first release in over 11 years.

Nearly 26 years since “We Drink Bitter,” Gibson sings “And no, I won’t say it again, There’s no good reason why this shouldn’t end. And things keep happening that can’t be true, Does what you say make sense to you?” “Crawler” even repeats “Is there love in the sound of a closing door?” one of the most stinging lines from “We Drink Bitter.”

“Even when you know someone really well, they can still shock you,” explains Gibson of the sentiment. “Things fall apart.”

The Cannanes have been releasing modest, ramshackle records since forming in Sydney, Australia almost 30 years ago.  Though essentially underground, the band has amassed a legion of fans in that time, including Kurt Cobain, who, it was later discovered, name-checked The Cannanes as a personal favorite in his posthumously published journals.

The upcoming “Small Batch” EP is the first release in over 11 years from band members Fran Gibson and Stephen O’Neil. SPIN recently premiered the EP’s first single “Bumper” and USA Today’s “Pop Candy” blog has the premiere of “Crawler.” The Cannanes EP “Small Batch” is scheduled for release by exro.fm/Lamingtone on March 19th.

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The Cannanes
“Small Batch” EP
(exro.fm / Lamingtone)
March 19th, 2013

Track Listing:

01. Bumper (STREAM | MP3 | REMIX)
02. Crawler (STREAM | MP3)
03. Basics
04. Molecule
05. Tiny Compartment
06. Zone


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