Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Brooklyn duo TKTTSM (“ticketism”) posts latest single “Eyeyeye,” an apocalyptic last stand against the end of time.

Newly released eye-popping stop-motion video for band’s “Plastic Fantastic” single takes Barbie dolls to a dark place.


Johanna Stahley of TKTTSM as photographed by Brittany Sturrett.



“Eyeyeye” is latest single from the self-titled debut album by TKTTSM.



Check out the “Plastic Fantastic” video premiere at diffuser.fm.

TKTTSM (an acronym for The Kiss Tried To Smack Me pronounced “ticketism”) has posted the latest single from its self-titled debut album for download.  Called “brilliant” by music discovery website adequacy.net, “Eyeyeye” is a “dazzling, surreal, dreamy number, lyrically seemingly in line with ‘Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds,’” according to writer Jen Stratosphere.

“That might be my favorite song on the album,” says TKTTSM vocalist, Johanna Stahley. “I remember I was so deep in thought driving through Queens that I got lost and ended up in the projects. That’s when ‘Fists punching in the skyeyeyeye’ popped into my head. I brought it to Owen (O’Mahony – the other half of the Brooklyn-based duo), and we figured out the rest.”

“‘Fists punching in the sky’ was just this really strong image for us,” explains O’Mahony. “The whole song is this kind of apocalyptic last stand against the end of time.”

The band also recently released the eye-popping, stop-motion animated video for its single “Plastic Fantastic” via music discovery website diffuser.fm.  See it here: http://diffuser.fm/tkttsm-plastic-fantastic-video. The video was directed by Bushwick, Brooklyn-based filmmaker Patrick Ryan Morris.

TKTTSM doesn’t mince words in its unabashed anti-social lyrics on the track and the video lives up to that stance.  “We requested something gritty, tongue-in-cheek and offensive,” says Stahley.

To his credit in fulfilling that request, Morris created a bright, colorful world which he then takes to a very dark place. “I think it fits the nature of the song,” Morris says. “The Barbie dolls just seemed like a natural fit as they do all of these terrible things, but have the same frozen smile on their face while they do them, just like many of our enemies and even many of our leaders.”

TKTTSM is available for interviews. Contact Josh Bloom at Fanatic to talk to the band or for more information.


(Sumxuni Records)
Out Now

Track Listing:

01. Calisthenics
02. Plastic Fantastic (STREAM | MP3 | VIDEO | REMIX)
03. I Wanted To
04. Edumication
05. Eyeyeye (STREAM | MP3)
06. Dear Diary
07. Japanteup
08. Porcupine
09. Focus




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