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Brooklyn-based psychedelic rock duo TKTTSM set to release self-titled debut album October 16th, 2012.

“Plastic Fantastic” single streaming now. “I’m a little scared of it!” says lead singer Johanna Stahley.

Johanna Stahley of TKTTSM as photographed by Brittany Sturrett.



“Plastic Fantastic” is the first single from the debut self-titled album by TKTTSM.


Brooklyn-based psychedelic rock duo TKTTSM is set to release its debut self-titled album on October 16th.

Comprised of Johanna Stahley and Owen O’Mahony, TKTTSM balances the weight of O’Mahony’s instrumentation with Stahley’s skewed pop vocals for a perfect representation of this band’s love of exploration, animals, exercise, and freedom, and their dislike of cops, politicians, financial institutions and any other power hungry villains.

Musically, Stahley and O’Mahony share a love of pop, noise, experimentation, and improvisation. Lyrics are co-written with a stream of consciousness approach, and the music is born in a similar fashion. Their debut album is a mural of the times we live in, and the things we fight for and against: love, death, materialism and truth.

“I’m a little scared of it!” Stahley says of the record.

O’Mahony’s confident approach to the direction of TKTTSM’s sound comes from a long history as an accomplished touring musician who has played with Jesse Malin, Brendan James and Esmée Denters among many others.

Outside of TKTTSM, Stahley maintains a more conventional songwriting career. Her song “Nothing I Would Change” is currently featured in a national commercial for Lowe’s, and another tune, “I Can” was the theme song for four seasons of “Ruby” on the Style Network.

For now, though, TKTTSM is focusing on getting the word out about its debut album – an appropriate soundtrack for these trying times.  The album’s first single “Plastic Fantastic” is streaming now.

TKTTSM is available for interviews. Contact Josh Bloom at Fanatic to talk to the band or for more information.


(Sumxuni Records)
Out Oct. 16th, 2012

 Track Listing:

01. Calisthenics
02. Plastic Fantastic (STREAM | MP3)
03. I Wanted To
04. Edumication
05. Eyeyeye
06. Dear Diary
07. Japanteup
08. Porcupine
09. Focus




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