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Mark Mallman stages one-man, cross country, non-stop, seven-day, 150-plus-hour-long song.

Minneapolis-musician wired to create bio-generated tune while asleep during “Marathon 4”.


Mark Mallman’s “Marathon 4” takes place across America from Sept. 15th-22nd.



Mark Mallman discusses the upcoming historic event “Marathon 4”


Mark Mallman interviewed about “Marathon 4: Road Rogue” by Minnesota Public Radio here:

See inside Mallman’s GMC Vandura, the “venue” for “Marathon 4,” courtesy of Minneapolis City Pages:


Minneapolis-based musician Mark Mallman’s upcoming historic event, “Marathon 4: Road Rogue,” is a transcontinental, bio-generated, one-man, non-stop, seven-day, 150-plus hour music performance starting in New York on September 15th and concluding in Los Angeles on September 22nd.  The entire event will be streamed live at, and if successful, is certain to provide a new trajectory for the future of music online and beyond.

“Marathon 4” is the follow-up to Mallman’s “Marathon 3” which was launched at 10PM on October 10th, 2010 (10/10/10!), and saw Mallman performing a non-stop, non-sleep, 78-hour song with 576-pages of lyrics, 110 guest musicians, and over 25,000 viewers logging in to the performance that went down as an endurance exercise much more akin to John Cage than David Blaine.

“Marathon 4” will see Mallman traveling coast-to-coast in a 1997 GMC Vandura van wired to webcast the proceedings.  He will perform music non-stop (even while sleeping), parking along the way in selected major cities where guest musicians will be invited aboard to jam.

As Mallman sleeps, he will be creating “biogen music” using an Emotiv EEG controller, a modified Mattel Mindflex, and a modified Polar heart rate monitor via MIDI through Ableton Live and a program made especially for “Marathon 4” called “BioWave”.  What it all means is that Mallman’s brain and body will be creating music without the help of his conscious self.

“I submit to technology to speak through me via this odd concert which I will perform crudely, admittedly, but will do so with humility,” Mallman states. “The vehicle is the venue. The venue is the mind. The mind is the music. The music is the journey. The journey is the vehicle. Gas, food, and bandwidth.”

“Marathon 4: Road Rogue” precedes the upcoming release of Mark Mallman’s latest album Double Silhouette, scheduled for October 9th.  See below for full “Marathon 4” schedule.  The parking location of a daily “open house” for the media, as well as Mallman’s special guest musicians, will be announced day-of in each city.

Mark Mallman is available for interviews. Contact Josh Bloom at Fanatic for more information.


Mark Mallman
“Marathon 4”
Streaming live at

09/15 New York, NY
09/15 Pittsburgh, PA
09/16 Detroit, MI
09/17 Chicago, IL
09/18 Minneapolis, MN
09/19 Omaha, NE
09/20 Denver, CO
09/21 Las Vegas, NV
09/22 Los Angeles, CA


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