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Audience torturing debut comedy album by Nashville’s Chris Crofton out now featuring “director’s commentary.”

Award-winning actor from Harmony Korine’s “Trash Humpers” to record 100th episode of namesake podcast live.


Chris Crofton as photographed by Dave Dawson.


“…it wasn’t much of a surprise to see him turn up in Harmony Korine’s ‘Trash Humpers.’” – The Onion A.V. Club

Nashville-based comedian Chris Crofton on ethnic cuisine served by white people out of trendy food trucks: “Have you had Lindsey’s soul food? It’s incredible!”  Listen to “Food Trucks” here:

Crofton’s debut comedy album Pearls Before Swine: Live at The Springwater is an audio verite comedy suicide bomb detonated in Nashville’s most notorious shithole, The Springwater.  It’s that rare comedy album that hits on both the crude and cerebral, mixing the social commentary of Richard Pryor and Bill Hicks, the absurdity of Steve Martin, and the pacing and stage presence of Lenny Bruce into an audience torturing tour de force.

The album is out now on Austin-based Chicken Ranch Records as a vinyl LP that comes packaged with download codes good for an entire additional Crofton performance (Slime Before Swine: X-rated at The Basement) as well as a full “director’s commentary” track to accompany the Springwater set. Nashville Scene editor Jim Ridley comments that Pearls “...captures [Crofton’s] nervy, abrasive act on crackling vinyl before an audience that’s by turns incensed, indifferent and doubled over in hysterics.”


Of course, man cannot live on torturing audiences in concert alone.  Crofton has also been crafting a popular podcast for years called “The Chris Crofton Show”.  The podcast will celebrate its 100th episode with a live taping at The High Watt in Nashville this Tuesday, August 7th. Previous episodes of “The Chris Crofton Show” are available via iTunes at: Crofton will be return to The Springwater for a Sunday residency throughout August.

More about Chris Crofton:

In addition to his work as a stand-up comedian that has earned him opening slots with Louis CK, Bob Odenkirk and Neil Hamburger, Chris Crofton is also an award-winning actor who has appeared in numerous independent films including Harmony Korine’s “Trash Humpers” and the short film “Thanksgiving” which earned him a Best Actor award at Seattle’s Bumbershoot Short Film Festival. Additionally, Crofton plays music with his group The Alcohol Stuntband, known as much for Crofton’s between-song banter as its songs. The Alcohol Stuntband has performed with The Black Keys, Richard Lloyd, Lucero, Danko Jones and more.

Chris Crofton’s Pearls Before Swine: Live at The Springwater is out now via Chicken Ranch Records. Chris Crofton is available for interviews.  Contact Josh Bloom at Fanatic for more information.


Chris Crofton
Pearls Before Swine: Live at The Springwater
(Chicken Ranch Records, Out Now)

01.   Intro
02.   1930’s Farm Humor
03.   Food Trucks (STREAM)
04.   Boutique Drink Joints
05.   Why Do People Get So Mad When You Kill Their Mom?
06.   Sonar Noises With Someone Mumbling
07.   White Men Prancing Around Arts Neighborhoods
08.   Gluten Is Affecting My Backhand
09.   Halfway House Bit Take 3
10.   “It’s in character.” “It’s not in my character, though.”
11.   Do Black People Like Burt’s Bees?
12.   Composting To Stop The War
13.   Confirmation Numbers
14.   Uncle Jack
15.   The Wilson County Fair
16.   The New Sex Bases
17.   Is Pat Boone in Wavves?
18.   Piccolo Songs About Fishes
19.   Food Trucks Part 3
20.   Farm Humor Redux
21.   “The Seasons”
22.   How Many Blondes Does It Take To Change a Lightbulb?
23.   The Difference Between Whites and Mexicans
24.   How Many Black People Have Been on the Moon?
25.   Remember Meet Joe Black?
26.   Old Times Square
27.   Short Attention Span Internment Camp
28.   Look Both Ways Before You Cross The Tweet
29.   The Statue of Liberty’s Vagina
30.   Rheingold Beer Promotions
31.   Nobody Cares How YOU Cure a Cold
32.   Women Who Marry Gay Guys
33.   Something Is The New Something
34.   One Liner
35.   One Liner?
36.   Wrestling
37.   42
38.   Bear Defense
39.   Boxing
40.   Springwater, September, 2011
41.   “Traditional Blues Song” by Chris Crofton (Performed by Chris Crofton and The Alcohol Stuntband)


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