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Tidelands re-teams with Magik*Magik Orchestra on new album “We’ve Got A Map” out August 7th.

San Francisco duo’s video for “The New Black” is homage to band’s Mission Potrero neighborhood.


Tidelands (L-R): Gabriel Leis, Mie Araki. Photo Credit: Nelsen Brazill.



“The New Black” is the first single and video from the upcoming new album “We’ve Got A Map” by Tidelands.


Tidelands interviewed by the San Francisco Bay Guardian about “We’ve Got A Map” here.

“The video is basically an homage to the Mission Potrero neighborhood of San Francisco, which is not only where I live, but also where we rehearse and record,” explains Gabriel Leis, the flugelhorn playing half of the San Francisco duo Tidelands, about the band’s new video “The New Black”. The song is the first single from the duo’s We’ve Got A Map album due from Redgummy Records on August 7th.

“The entire thing is shot within about a four block radius and that was really my concept for the video,” Leis says of the clip which was shot and directed by filmmaker Nelsen Brazill. “Nelsen did a great job at capturing the feel in that part of the city, as well as matching the tension of the song,” Leis says. “The locations are all on the route from my home to our rehearsal studio out on Cesar Chavez. Tiny Telephone studios, where much of the video is shot, is on the other side of the fence from the skate park where the skateboarding shots are from and San Francisco General Hospital is right there too.”

We’ve Got A Map is the follow-up to Tidelands’ debut album, last year’s If…. As they had on If..., Leis and Araki once again collaborated with the Magik*Magik Orchestra (currently on a world tour with Death Cab For Cutie).  “We had such a successful collaboration with Minna Choi and the Magik*Magik Orchestra the last time.” Leis says.

The latest Tidelands album We’ve Got A Map will be released on August 7th.  Contact Josh Bloom at Fanatic to talk to the band or for more information.


We’ve Got A Map
(Redgummy Records)
August 7th, 2012

Track Listing:

01. Coil
02. The New Black (VIDEO | STREAM | MP3)
03. Rock Bottom
04. Sexy Fox
05. Japan
06. Toaster
07. Twin Lakes
08. Half a Century


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