Thursday, November 17, 2011

One Finger Riot’s Faris McReynolds releases “Work/Drink/Sleep” single b/w “The Weasel”.

Painter turned musician’s sunny debut release is bright spot on record about L.A. loneliness.


 Faris McReynolds of One Finger Riot



“Work/Drink/Sleep” b/w “The Weasel” is the first single and video from Come Drag Me Down by One Finger Riot




Faris McReynolds is the man behind One Finger Riot, a name cleverly explained by the artist as “Pushing buttons with one finger to arrive at something musical.” Unlike so many musicians that become painters, the Los Angeles-based McReynolds found success as a fine artist first.  Showing his work in galleries before he was even out of art school, McReynolds admits that “The success of painting actually isolated me from creativity.” With music as his new full-time creative endeavor, One Finger Riot’s Come Drag Me Down album is now scheduled for release on January 17th, 2012.

The album first single “Work/Drink/Sleep (out now via Post Planetary Records) is likely the sunniest moment on Come Drag Me Down and the video for the song reflects that. Though McReynolds directed the clip himself, he says that “I didn’t want to star in the video, so I only appear to put the story into action.” McReynolds can be seen at the beginning of the clip, writing life’s anxieties on balloons. The video also features artist Ashley Macomber who recently collaborated on a book of her paintings with Bonnie “Prince” Billy.

“The Weasel” is the unofficial album track that comes as the B-side of the “Work/Drink/Sleep”single.  McReynolds describes the track as a “Deconstructed mellow groove that sounds like it’s played by a band whose members have had all of their fingers broken except for one on each hand.” More succinctly, he mentions Cornelius, Blur and Ween as musical touchstones.

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