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We Were The States barely survives Nashville floods to complete polished sophomore album.

Band strikes “Gold” on lead single from “Rasa” album out now on Austin’s Chicken Ranch label.


We Were The States. Photo Credit: JT Sumner.



“Gold” is the first single from the Rasa album by We Were The States

[ALBUM TRAILER]: http://vimeo.com/15241846


“These guys sounded so good that they cut through the din of South By Southwest from 100 yards away...” – Wired

We Were The States had nearly completed the recording of its new album Rasa when the Nashville floods came. With two feet of water in the basement of Coat of Arms studio, the band went from euphoric to discouraged, thinking the record they had worked on for two years would be indefinitely derailed.

Regrouping at Nashville’s Club Roar studio, the Murfreesboro-based five-piece quickly prepped for very long hours on a very limited budget, but ultimately persevered. The resulting album captures all of the energy and precise abandon of the band’s much-loved live show while also reflecting the realistic frustrations of their situation.  It’s a tense record, but still a joy to listen to.

Working with producers Jesse Newport and Daniel Feese, We Were The States vocalist Justin Webb was encouraged to approach the songs he wrote for Rasa like he had never heard them before. Webb explains that Feese gave him the freedom to try all of the ideas he had in his head.

“A specific example from the record would be ‘Daft Since ‘77’, a song I had the words for, but didn’t know how I wanted to hit on the chorus.” In its completed form, the chorus explodes just how it’s meant to, expressing Webb’s restlessness perfectly amid just the right amount of rock n’ roll sheen.

For as easy as that chorus comes, it’s surprising to find out that when Webb first met guitarist Jay Stoyanov and formed We Were The States, he never even planned on becoming the band’s singer.  “I only wanted to play guitar,” Webb says. “I eventually dropped guitar all together tho -- when we play live, I only sing.”

The band is the better for it ultimately, with Webb allowed the freedom to perform as a true front man. On Rasa, his captivating vocals are unhampered above the mature, layered, and just plain big sound that the band has achieved on the album -- a distinctive step forward from its debut record. “I know it took me a few years, but with this album I really felt comfortable being myself,” Webb says.

We Were The States is back to feeling euphoric and is ready to play live again.  Wired Magazine previously said of the band’s show that “These guys sounded so good that they cut through the din of South By Southwest from 100 yards away...” These guys are looking forward to continuing to leave that impression with the release of Rasa on Austin’s Chicken Ranch Records.

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We Were The States
(Chicken Ranch, Out Now)

Track Listing:

01. Rasa
02. End of Us
03. Gold (MP3)
04. Daft Since '77
05. (I'm Not My) 808
06. Don't Ask Why
07. Paris Green
08. Iris & I
09. Queens
10. I Need A Friend
11. Under The Hand
12. Hot Waves


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