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Did aliens plan for Seeland Records to release “Scrambles of Earth” on Carl Sagan Day? Probably.

SETI-X presents remixes by extraterrestrials of the Voyager Interstellar Record launched into space in 1977.


Learn more about the Voyager Interstellar Record launched in 1977 via Wikipedia.

Read about the alien response and the SETI-X project in the Yale Daily News.


[MP3]: “I Am Getting Married In A Spaceship”


About SETI-X (The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence in Exile):
Scrambles of Earth: The Voyager Interstellar Record, Remixed by Extraterrestrials.

The Center For Inquiry is celebrating Carl Sagan Day today, coincidentally the same day that Seeland Records releases its SETI-X project which presents remixes of the material from the Voyager Interstellar Record launched into space by NASA in 1977.  In the wake of the viral success of the YouTube video of an autotuned Carl Sagan signing “A Glorious Dawn” (which Jack White of The White Stripes released in 2009 as a 45RPM single (LINK) on his Third Man Records label,) this disc fills in more background info on Sagan’s other foray into sound: the Voyager Interstellar Record.

In 1977, NASA launched the Voyager 1 & 2 spacecraft, fastening to each a phonograph album containing sounds and music of Earth. In 2010, the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence in Exile (SETI-X), a dissident offshoot of the better-known Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence, received transmissions believed to be extraterrestrial remixes of these records. The Scrambles of Earth CD contains the 70 minutes — in some 24 sound segments — that SETI-X has so far been able to reconstruct.

The Voyager Interstellar Record, a collection of Earth sound and music sent into space (WIKI), is a noted cultural artifact — with a long life in popular imagination and culture: from references in Star Trek, X-Files, Futurama, The Transformers series, kids shows (3-2-1 Contact on YOUTUBE) to The Strokes video for “You Only Live Once” (LINK).

Scrambles of Earth
collects what appear to be “remixes” of the Voyager Record; although the evidence has yet to be fully evaluated, these may represent the first audio signs of alien intelligence. This account may comport with Hartwig Hausdorf’s May 2010 claim that the Voyager has been hijacked by aliens, as reported in the UK’s Telegraph newspaper HERE. Because the members of SETI-X wish to remain anonymous, Seeland Records has asked Dr. Stefan Helmreich, who produced the science-and-technology oriented Xerophonics: Copying Machine Music, if he might comment on this CD.

Other high-profile scholars who have agreed to comment include: Dr. Richard Doyle (Rhetorician of Alien Communication, English, Penn State), Dr. Chris Kelty (Scholar of Extraterrestrial Copyright Law, Information Sciences, UCLA), Dr. Sarah Kember (Alien Mediation and Performativity, Media and Communications, Goldsmiths College, London), Dr. Cristopher Moore (Theorist of Information and Noise, Computer Science, University of New Mexico), Peter Whincop (Sonic Deconvolution Expert , Department of Music, MIT/Harvard).

Please contact Josh Bloom at Fanatic to arrange an appointment to speak with Dr. Helmreich or any of the experts listed above.


(The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence in Exile)
Scrambles of Earth:
The Voyager Interstellar Record,
Remixed by Extraterrestrials.
(Seeland Records, 11/9/10)

Track Listing:

01. Uranium Nations/Hello Children 0:35
02. Pulsar Plus 2:56
03. Thin Dark Night 3:29
04. Ill-Tempered Wedding 4:24
05. Visit to the Observatory 1:40
06. Rushing Streams 3:00
07. Men’s House Stutter 1:23
08. Shakuhachi Mariachi 3:04
09. Just Cranes 5:11
10. Back in the CCCP 2:48
11. Countdown 0:59
12. Scrambles of Earth/What Earthlings Are Made of 4:30
13. Renaissance Faire Eject/Gasping in Twelve Languages 2:06
14. Queen’s Queens 0:34
15. Fifth World 1:38
16. My Life as a Field of Sheep 5:08
17. Total Transmission 0:10
18. Psychlo Killer/Total Transmission 1:32
19. Fifth Dysphony 4:04
20. The Rites of Mars 3:02
21. I Am Getting Married in a Spaceship 2:03
22. Way Down 2:25
23. Interleave 4:56
24. Elegy for Pluto/Secretary General 6:38


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