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TV Buddhas continue North American tour; Continue posting gut-wrenching (mis)adventures.

Latest installments of “Band In The Modern World” series will make you laugh if you don’t cry.


TV Buddhas (L-R Uri Triest, Juval Haring, Mickey Triest)


TV Buddhas – “Band In The Modern World”

Episode 1 – “USA: (features a new song: “USA”)

Episode 2 – “No Adventure Today”:

Episode 3 – “The Neverending Story”: (features a new song: “Where The Real Ones Go”)


“Bad shows are a dime a dozen. But it doesn’t get much worse than TV Buddhas’ recent gig-that-wasn’t in New Orleans.” – The Bad Penny

Tel Aviv’s TV Buddhas are punk in a way that is mostly overlooked by contemporary culture. They bring their own baggage and anxieties to the table, chop everything into pieces, and serve it up in the most basic way possible, baring their voices and their hearts. This fact in no more self-evident than in the video blog the band has been keeping of its first tour of the US. Filled with promoter no-shows, audience no-shows and sometimes personal morale no-shows, the posts are truly reflective of the title of this documentary in the making: “Band In The Modern World”.

In a world where rock and roll has completely changed its skin, TV Buddhas document the last remaining vices of a modern day hard working DIY band on the road in a commercial wasteland, a reality that doesn’t give a damn anymore about punk honesty or unknown bands writing heartfelt songs. Underneath the radars of big promoters, hipster publications, and hype driven music consumers, TV Buddhas move forward from one empty club to the other, from one financial flop to the next, documenting their wallets going slimmer, their sense of failure and missing out growing more and more impatient

The vlog shows pictures of a music scene in recession and its indifference to genuinely new things. An image of an indie band going deeper and deeper into itself in order to block out the sense of alienation it feels from the outside. It attempts to present a basic punk narrative that shows the other side of being in a garage band, the part no one shows, but is so vital to uncover.


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TV Buddhas
TV Buddhas

(We Are Busy Bodies, OUT

Track Listing:

1. Let Me Sleep (MP3)
2. Going Out On Saturday
3. Hip Street

4. Defies Definition
5. Fast Generation
6. Fun Girls (MP3 | STREAM | VIDEO)


More about TV Buddhas

TV Buddhas’ self-titled debut EP was recorded in Berlin in one hour using one mic and a basic tape machine in an attempt to make a spontaneous recording with almost no prior preparations. The band was seeking a way to achieve something raw, not by work on the mix, but rather by just going in and rushing the job. The result is a short record that is oozing with late seventies punk sensitivities and a lo-fi sound that is both gritty and powerful.

The EP was written out of the angst and pressure of being on tour year round. Consisting of brother and sister Uri and Mickey Triest, and Mickey’s husband Juval Haring, TV Buddhas has been playing 200 shows a year since they relocated from their home of Tel Aviv, Israel to Berlin, Germany in 2007. On constant tour, the band’s everyday life got lost and their privacy was invaded by the “cool” people they had avoided contact with through their teen years.

Not having any kind of domestic existence or place to call sanctuary, TV Buddhas turned to their music and put their frustration into words. They wrote about being too tired to face a show, too tired to go out during the very few times they were home, feeling awkward walking down the street in hip neighborhoods, not feeling at home or fitting anywhere besides their own heads, and feeling completely out of their element around other rock n’ roll bands.

The result of this is a unique punk rock record reflecting the image of a band of outsiders making a dirty sound that is honest, primal and full of feelings of impatience and alienation. The EP echoes the kind of discontentment typical of bands like The Wipers and a straightforward quality reminiscent of The Modern Lovers.

The song “Fun Girls” sung by the band’s drummer, Mickey Triest, is almost like a monologue, a testimonial of a private world, threatened by a vulgar mass of Polaroid glory girls. The EP’s cover is also worth mentioning, quoting the style of Raymond Pettibon, and the attitude of Black Flag, whose touring style and ethics have influenced bands worldwide, even reaching three disgruntled record shop workers in Israel who were just looking for a reason to quit their jobs and do something real.

See below for a complete list of US dates. Members of TV Buddhas are available for interviews. Contact Josh Bloom for more info.


TV Buddhas US Tour

09/24 Phoenix, AZ @ The Rogue Bar
09/26 San Diego, CA @ Bar Pink
09/27 Los Angeles, CA @ The Smell
09/30 Concord, CA @ The Red Hat
10/01 Chico, CA @ Monstros Pizza
10/02 Arcata, CA @ The Alibi
10/03 Portland, OR @ Backspace Cafe
10/04 Vancouver, BC @ The Astoria
10/05 Seattle, WA @ Comet Tavern
10/07 Denver, CO @ Unit B
10/08 Lawrence, KS @ Replay Lounge
10/09 St. Louis, MO @ Lemp
10/10 Hot Springs, AR @ The Exchange
10/12 Richmond, VA @ Strange Matter
10/13 Wilmington, DE @ Mojo 13
10/14 Rochester, NY @ Bugjar
10/15 Toronto,
ONT @ Parts and Labor
10/16 Hamilton,
ONT @ Casbah Lounge
Waterloo, ONT Mom’s Tattoo Shop
Ottawa, ONT Rock N’ Roll Pizza
New York, NY @ R-Bar (CMJ)
10/20 Brooklyn, NY @ Party Expo (CMJ)


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